Monday, August 10, 2009

Lost Sheep

On Mon, Aug 10, 2009 at 12:35 PM, Matthew Courtright wrote:
hey all. sorry if yall have missed me over the last weeks. its been crazy hectic. God has been having fun with my health. Dont worry, still no AIDS or anything serious, just a series of fun little things to try my patience. I started off by getting sick. I have never had a summer cold before so that wasnt fun. I took lots of Nyquil and about 2 days later was over it..for the most part. the next 3 days were spent with very little energy. The slightest amount of anything wore me out. Walking up stairs was hard becuase i had so little energy. I slept alot. I had never been so effected by the flu. Then about the middle of last week my tooth started to hurt. I ignored it (which is what every 18 - 24 year old does) and hoped it would go away. it did, but was replaced by massive headaches. So i called one of the 9 local dentists in the ward and asked him to check it out for free. He didnt even think twice, just said yes. He also wrote me a perscription for ammoxcicilan to kill anything. i went in this morning and he removed a filling i had to see what was up. He thought i was crazy at first but he said that i had been grinding my teeth which is a sign that something is up. When he removed the filling he said "uhhh, bad" then proceded to scrape away at my tooth with out telling me anything. i was lost. turns out i had a cavity under my tooth. He said that it wasnt anything i could do to prevent and that it was probably the dentist who put in the fillings fault. (By the way, i got that filling in Oklahoma...which is to say Canada.) Apparently the cavity was dangerously close to the root. So he fixed it and then refered me to a root canal specialist (who coincidentally is also in the ward. Freakin lots of dentists here). SO i might need a root canal and hopefully i can get it for free. a perk of being a missionary.

So it better news, a couple weeks ago i mentioned that we had had a miracle but never expounded on it. Now i will. So my companion and i were walking down the street to go and visit a family that had just moved into the ward. ON our way, we stopped and contacted to asian girls. They were very timid but their uncle said "come back. you need teach them. they go to church" (all asian like). we set up a time to come back but were very...hesitant because he wanted us to teach them, not him. we came back though with one of the youth and began to teach them and their 10 year old brother. We had to start at the basics. They had little to no concept of God or the spirit or anything. It was kinda sad. However, when we pulled out a Book of Mormon they said oh we have one. turns out the girls are members but tony was not old enough to be baptized. We were led to 3 of God's lost sheep. It was nothing short of a miracle. Since then, they have come to church and been fully welcomed into the ward. Tony has made some great friends already and the 2 girls, Kocky and Luly, are opening up. Tony is getting baptized on the 22nd of August and is super stoked about it.

Well, i am out of time and would write more if i could. Be good Yall. Love ya.

Elder Courtright

Penny Freeman
Gratitude is the essence of joy.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Extending Mission

From: Elder Andrey Pearce Dated: July 02, 2009

Dear family

I am sorry that i didn't have a chance to write to you. We were very busy so i didn't have the chance to write. As i read the letter today i found out that there are some very big decisions that had to be taken and i am sure that there were taken. I didn't really know the reasons. I stand firm with my decision that i have made to extend my mission. I am sorry for the plans that it is affecting and hope that you know i took the choices with a prayer in my heart. It was not an easy choice that i made.

I want to walk the road less traveled to bless the most that i can my family and all that the Lord sees fit for me to bless. It all stands to us the type of generation we will be. The time is coming ever so soon that it will be up to us. Will we see angels as the Book of Mormon times. Will we be as alma as ammon or moroni.

I know that with small steps and decisions we will be the generation to wake up the world. I am so thankful that the Lord helped me see that on my mission and strengthen my testimony. About studying it wont be an easy transaction i will have to see what i can do to correct my English and get back in tune to studying. I will have to look for other resources to see how i can start my studying.

Dad i am sorry i didn't write on Fathers Day i hope you know that i love you very much and hope to become the father that you have been for me. I look forward to following your example in scripture studying i have had great opportunity to teach about my father in the Little time that i have had. They are looking forward to meeting my father. They all think you were the Greatest Dad.

Well its almost time to get back to work the Lord is Reading (ready?) to push a Little bit more here we are getting ready to change houses we had a baptism last week a sister that is friends with some members. The work moves along pray for me that i will have strength to keep giving all i have. I have been a Little anxious knowing that the end is coming soon. I have had some dreams and know that some of the biggest decisions in my life is coming up. How fast the time goes by just 3 more months.

Elder Pearce

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fwd: 6.29.09

The latest from Elder Courtright.  Enjoy.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Matthew Courtright
Date: Mon, Jun 29, 2009 at 11:40 AM
Subject: 6.29.09

Hey all! I will go ahead and wish you all a Happy Independence Day! Woo! just know that i will be watching (not blowing up) fireworks with y'all and you will be in my thoughts...probably.

So whats new for me? well, we had a really cool experience this week that started out pretty crappy. It was kinda like Satan got ahold of all our investigators and the less actives we have been working with and just ate them. It was a pretty sucky weekend.  However, i kept reminding myself to be patient in adversity or as the scriptures so often put it "bear with patience your afflictions." It was hard but it paid off. here is how. So sunday morning we got a call about 11 from a family who we have been trying to work with, the Bruces. Sister Bruce is a member but Bro. Bruce is not. They invited us over @ 7 that evening but was pretty secretive about why. Kinda shady. Anyways, so during the Sacrament (or communion as so many call it) I thought and prayed about our situation and the troubles our investigators were going through. The answer i got so suddenly and so clearly was "dont worry, I got ya. Just wait till tonight at the Bruces." I knew that they were the answer to our prayers and hard work. When we went to the Bruces, we talked for about 10 minutes and then sis. Bruce nudged her husband as if he needed to say something. the next words out of his mouth were "How do i go about joining the church?" Thank you God for operation: Shock and Awe. It was amazing. We set up the baptism for the 18th of july and all the appts and interviews between now and then.

I know that God is watching out for us. He knows our situation, our troubles, our needs and he is there with an outstretched arm guiding us. It has been an unforgetable experience to learn the importance of patience. It was hard. (probably my weakest point) But the blessings of patience are amazing.

Well, i hope you are all safe this 4th of july weekend. Shoot some Roman Candles at each other for me please. the more burns the better.

Love yall

Elder Courtright

p.s. Sister Bruce has the sexiest southern accent i have heard on my mission yet. i love it.

Penny Freeman
Gratitude is the essence of joy.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Life In The New Branch

From: Elder Andrey Pearce Dated: June 15, 2009

Dear family

Well the work keeps moving forward as my english moves farther and farther away. I feel like the time has gone by so fast.

This week we had a great activity with our district which is Nagarote. we went down there to play soccer and to spend some time with the young men. Rudi one of our investigators came with us also Brother Vladimir Estrada also came with us. We brought our flag that the name of the church. We went down there and played about 3 games. 2 we tied and the other we lost by two then we made a team together and we won against the team that was there of people wandering around.

Then we ate together something that's called Quesillios and went up to the Mirador the lookout of nagarote. We spent good time and helped the boys get to know one another. its true we lost and they felt a little bad but we had a great time and learned that some times we loose together. Next time they will come down to Mateare. It's about 40 minutes ride in a bus.

We also had a [Get together] in the get together that we call Noche de Hermanamiento. We play games, have some instruction or counsel on life and watch movies of the church. It went really well as we have been trying to show the people that the church is in Mateare.

We put our flag up on the house of Rudi in his subdivision and many wanted to know what it was. The pastor of Rudi's mom wasn't very happy and came to talk to him to tell him that the church was false and that it was the lowest church he could join. He let him know that he loved the church and that we as members of The church of Jesus Christ don't believe on criticizing others. I have felt like the church is moving very well here.

The young women Presidency went to work this week visiting and had a great activity. The church actually looked like a real church of Jesus Christ. With the new pulpit and the sacrament table. We are trying to work hard on bettering our organization because there is some challenges to start new things and it's time consuming for the people that don't have much time. All the things that the people do here is by hand. wash their clothes or cook by a fire so it's a hard work to take care of the place and have kids have work and have a responsibility.

So we are trying to teach that as we get better in organization we will improve and the time will be better. We made a calendar this weak and also a cleaning role and a talk list so we are getting better and cutting down on our time. I have learned something about the gospel of Jesus Christ. The more we work the more we sacrifice the further moves along the work of God and the more blessings we enjoy later in life.

I had cold this week but i didn't let it get me down. i kept moving along. I officially extended my mission as i went down to the office i talked with president and he finally approved and told me it was OK. He really wanted to send all my group home to study. I was praying hard to know what i should do and felt really strongly that the road i want to walk in my life is to learn and do a little bit more that i can in my mission. I felt like just a little more matters all to my future family and to the people that i will be serving.

I love the lord and i am thankful for revelation that we can receive in our life. I love you all very much and thankful for the letters and the counsel that you give. Thank you Dad for writing each week.

I can't believe how fast the time is going by! almost another month has gone by.

Elder Pearce

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Companion

From: Elder Andrey Pearce Dated: June 9, 2009

Dear Family,

Thank you Mom and Dad for your letters. Well i did get my companion his name is Elder TIRADO he is from Chile. Is the first companion i have had from chile. I think he will be my companion to finish the mission. He is a very good companion he has 14 months on his mission.

Well i have been feeling more and more like my mission is ending they have officially asked for my plans. I really want to extend my mission but President Fraatz wants that i can get home and study. I have been thinking really hard and am waiting for the revelation to know if i should extend or if its time to go home and get on with forming my life.

I am so blessed to be a servent of my Heavenly Father i can't belive the wonderful time that he has given me to work here. Mom they are trying to by my plan ticket it would be good to call them as soon as posible. The other day they called me from office and i told them you will be calling. Please mom as soon as possible so there aren't any problems.

Well this week we had changes i was traveling all week up and down none stop i was very tired from taking bus there back then to my disctrict then to managua then back to my area. Getting back we went to work the members were a little sad because no one was in the area. Also that my companion went home so they were down about that a little bit. We went to work getting to know all the people. My companion got used to the people and the work very fast he has helped me a lot take some weight off my shoulders. He just gets in and helps as he can. We went to work on visiting people this week and had a very good turn out. 64 came to church we are exited and set the goal to keep our attendence at 80 so we will be working really hard.

We found another family that came to church this week and liked it so we are exited to work with them. They have sent the podiam or the pulpit and other things so the house looks a lot like a church. We also have a piano we have been asking all around who plays the piano and we have visited them to invite to church and to convert with the help of the Lord. It reminded me of The Prophet Joseph Smith when he sent some one to go find an arcitectore and bring him to zion.

This sunday i had the great privladge to guide the meeting it went all well. We had some lovely testimonies. Then interviews with the members. All is starting to go very smooth. Then we had a meeting at 4 with all the presidencys it went really well all have desire to work really hard.

Also this week came the Relief Society general president to Nicaragua so our relief
society and young women presidents went to that meeting. They came back with lots of joy and experience to work and to give all that they have. I love the work of the lord. All is well with me i am starting to have more strength to serve. I know that to bring forward more the work there's more to sacrifice and more to work and push. Over all the guidence of the Holy Ghost is realy importent he has bin my Guide as we have had some great desicions to make.

We also have found another spot its the Center of Mateare in front of the central park. On one side there is the alcaldia the center goverment place of mateare. On the other side the catholic church on the other side The central bar of mateare and the other side will be The Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints if its the will of the lord we are all exited because all will know that there is a church in mateare and if for some reason or chance some one wonders in from the catholic church the better it is. I love this work and hope and pray that i will keep giving all i have to this work that i will live to the best maner that i can to honor my call and to represent The Savior Jesus Christ and be His Example to all.

Love you all take care and Mom i hope you enjoy the camp out. Dad i hope that the end comes soon to the struggles.

Elder Pearce

Monday, June 8, 2009

Re: mmhmm..

Here's Elder Courtright's latest

On Mon, Jun 8, 2009 at 11:54 AM, Matthew Courtright wrote:
coincidently, that subject title is also the title of an approved music cd by Relient K :)

well not that i have been keeping track but my amazing abilities at math told me that today marks my 8 month mark and 1/3 of my mission. all i can say is what the world? where is the time going? man... not fair.

this week was really different. Arvada (where i used to serve) had its missionary for the day event for the young men in the Arvada stake. It was awesome to go back to Arvada and help out with that. I got to go because i was the only one who knew how to get to the specific building in arvada. its tucked nicely into a neighborhood with no really connecting main streets. annoying. but we went down and had alot of fun and good experience. its so important for those boys to get a taste of bearing sincere testimony and tracting. fun. we each had a boy and i went with one of the spanish elders, elder lawther, (he speaks english better than spanish. he is from oregon) to an appt. the 4 of us taught the first lesson about the restoration of the gospel. it was awesome. Elder Lawther and i guided the lesson and had to the 2 boys bear testimony and explain basic principles like "what is a prophet?" "how has your family blessed you?" etc. THen we took them tracting. We had a 90+ year old guy answer the door in his whitey tighties and tell us we were selling souls and to  "Scat." i miss arvada.

this week we also had zone conference and the theme was "forget yourself and go to work." it was amazing. and has really changed my perspective on what i am doing. i am excited to apply the principles i learned

well, be good kids and write me back. let me know how things are going. i love you.

-elder courtright

Penny Freeman
Gratitude is the essence of joy.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Re: 5.26.09

On Tue, May 26, 2009 at 3:01 PM, Matthew Courtright wrote:
hey all.
well things are going well in westminster. crazy, but things are well. we had dinner with the racist lady (who's daughter is on a mission in houston) on thursday of last wek and i said something about houston and she tried to argue with me. how is someone who has never been to houston trying to argue with someone who lived there for almost 20 years? re-freakin-tarded. However, thats why we have companions. he jumped in real quick and changed the subject. needless to say they are the least awesome family.

we did alot of cool stuff this week. we went to the temple on wednesday which was alot of fun. there were about 20 other missionaries there as well so it was a big reunion. we went to eat at applebee's across the street and 2 of the denver south mission missionaries were there. that was fun for us.

we had transfers yesterday, memorial day, and i didnt get transfered. its about freaking time. i have packed my bags every transfer so far so i am hoping that it does happen between now and then.

we have had alot of success with some of the less active families in the ward. the culmination of which was 15 less actives at church on sunday. some of them we have been trying to get there for a long time so we were definately thankful for the divine help we received.

oh, by the way, 15 is an amazing amount.

well, thats all for me. tell me whats up with yall and your plans for the summer. i  need to live vicariously through your beach activities and what not. take pictures for me :)

Penny Freeman
Gratitude is the essence of joy.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Re: 3.18.09

On Mon, May 18, 2009 at 12:18 PM, Matthew Courtright  wrote:
hey all! Things are going great and the best part is that summer is here! it was only late by about 2 months. the sun is out, the temperature is up, and i finally have a decent tan. You guys would probably be amazed at the darkness of my skin. We are so much closer to a big ball of flaming fire here in denver. kinda scary actually.

Well, this week we got a referral from church headquarters for a guy named Robin Mitchell. He talked with the missionaries about 20 years ago and even went to church for about 6 months. unfortunately however, one of the missionaries said something really dumb and he asked them not to come back. We have high hopes for him though. Robin has a wife and 2 grandkids living with him. They also sat in and talked with us. One thing about Robin i like is that he has a severe speech impediment. He stutters pretty bad about every 3 words or so. However, he is really open about it and even jokes about it. its great to see other people take their difficulties and make them into a plus.

well, i hope all is well for you, but as usual i am short on time. i love yall!

elder courtright

Penny Freeman
Gratitude is the essence of joy.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Exciting Missionary Work

From: Elder Andrushka Pearce Dated: 05.11.09

Dear Family

what a great energy boost it was to talk to my dear family. I felt i was right at home. I could just picture everyone around the table in dads office. Then i was a little sad because i couldn't finish the call. The phone ran out of batteries. Well i would have loved to tell mom how much i loved her and appreciated all the time that she put into my life. The love the care that she for so many years showed me. Love you mom. I love reading the letters of my family and knowing more about all of you. I do have to confess that my English is struggling but my Spanish is getting better and better.

THis week as i went down to Nagarote i had the chance to meet a leader of another church and we went right into teaching him about the priesthood power and what function it has in the Lords church. Then the sisters called me and told me he will be going to church and he wants to tell his whole congregation that he has found the church more organized and that it is the church of the Savior. Well he didn't end up going but we will sure give him a follow up to encourage him i am sure the other members were quick to desanimate him.

We also have officially become a branch. I am very blessed that the Lord has been behind all that we do. There is a lot of work to be done here. Well the meeting went well i gave a talk on missionary work with a little bit of pushing emotion that all could get involved in the mission work. We will have to see how all goes.

Talking to my family really made me think a lot about home and what i am going to do. I look forward to it. I look forward to another adventure filled with the Savior and the Holy Ghost guiding my decisions and my actions.

Love you all with all my heart. I hope all the very best. Hope all are reading there scriptures and looking for their Husbands. Amy, Emily, Andrea.

Elder Pearce

Monday, May 4, 2009

Elder Cook Visits

From: Elder Andrushka Pearce Dated: 05.04.09

Dear family I am very grateful for a kind dear mom and dad that i have it means a lot to me to get a letter from you each week. I have come to realize that my English has bin very lost. I also realized that i am old on the mission.

The experience about Elder Cook is. I was all ready to give my part so nervous as i got there i found out at the last minute the plans changed and that he had very little time so he took his time on giving us a very good training that i loved. So i was very grateful and i was ready for such and experience.

Then that night we went to his talk to all Managua that he did. As i was there i saw many of the people that i taught and the wards that i worked in. I saw family Martinez from my first area i was up on the bleachers as i saw them i was nervous to see and so happy at the same time. As i got down the dad i gave a big hug i was so happy to see them he is president of elders quorum and she is president of the women. I was so happy to see the small efforts of mine and the greater of our Heavenly Father.

This week we went out on a camp out with the elders de Mateares by the permission of President. It was a great experience many ideas came to me what we need to do and how we need to work. Very good experience it reminded me how much i miss the mountains.

OH by the way i cant believe how close i am getting to being done with my mission the comments of mom about the plans made me think wow it has come and gone. I am a little bit sad because i want to end with all i have. I am looking, praying, studying, fasting and learning how i can finish my mission with all i have that i can give a great last punch that i have in the army of the lord here in this place. I know that i will have all my life to server the lord. I pray that i may give all i have to this work.

Today president was talking about giving your whole soul and i want to give so much more to the lord. I have come to realize that the only thing i can give the lord is my will my heart that he will mold me and that i can be willing to serve him in all time in all place. So i will be buckling down on giving all i have. I love the lord and i know it is his will. I wish there was a way to recharge your batteries quickly and return to the work.

This Sunday i was a little down. Well my body was hurting from hiking up the mountain playing baseball and other moving activity and sleeping in a hammock well the little sleep that i got. Then getting up hiking down in the sun tired as i could be to take a shower put my clothes on and go out to work the zone leaders came over to do a visit to some families.
The camp out went great as we got to know one another better.

So in the meeting Vladimir had a meeting so i was directing and i was tired as it came my turn to be my testimony. Then one by one the new converts got up to share there testimony oh how my heart was filled with love to know i had a little part helping them. They expressed their love and thanked us the missionaries in this area. How i love this area how i love the people here they have grown so much. I am so thankful with my Father IN Heaven for opening doors and helping us with so much.
To finish got up the daughter of Vladimir and gave her testimony i was so happy to be there. The meeting got done with lots of joy and feeling of a great family that we are Mateares. So i have bin thinking about the plans and what we can do here.

I pray and hope all is well there. May Dad get better and feel better. May all my sisters find their husbands. To be ready to get married when i get home. May they that are inactive find a testimony of Jesus Christ.

Love you Mom and Dad i will let you know my plans for when i will be coming home. Elder Pearce.

Fwd: 4.4.09

The latest from Elder Courtright.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Matthew Courtright
Date: Mon, May 4, 2009 at 12:37 PM
Subject: 4.4.09

hey everyone. how are things with yall?! my week has been pretty spacy and i am definately ready for my psuedo-day off. We had some really cool things happen though. On friday we painted this lady's son's room. He name is Nicole..and she is a Jehovah's Witness. Now, in case you didnt know, J-W's usually dont like mormons. Fortunately she isnt active. Her husband is catholic and they used to have a less active and a baptist living with them (they moved about 5 days ago). we call the house "The Mine." We talked with the J-W and the Catholic about alot of different things and are going back on friday to do some more service and to hopefully have a lesson.

This weekend was stake conference. It was pretty good but that is about the extent of it, i think. OH! i almost forgot....story time!

So we were leaving Nicole, the J-W's, house. One of our investigators texted me and asked us to come clean his garage. now, i am a seasoned texting while driving person so i figure on a bike it cant be much different. so there i go, texting like the wind, and i looked up to make sure i wasnt about to hit a car or the curb or something like that. I wasnt, but there was a dog! It was looking away from me and all i had time to think was "oh crap, the stupid dog isnt looking at me, i am going to run it over." (it was a cockerspanial.) So i ran it over. my front tire went entirely over the dog and then i fell off. I was so mad at the dog and said something like "see, even God punishes dogs who run away." In hindsight, its a great story. i just laugh about it now. See kids, dont text and drive! IT KILLS!

love yall

Elder Matt Courtright

Penny Freeman
Gratitude is the essence of joy.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Easter and Progression

From: Elder Andrushka Pearce Dated: 04.22.09

Dear family,

It is joyful to hear from so many married brothers and sisters of mine. I loved the letter from Eric it has been a long time since i have read a letter from him. Congratulations on your new call. A little that i have learned about that call is that it’s the biggest call of doing and being in action. How wonderfully Eric and Tomi put their families and described about there kids. Thanks Dad for your report as always.

Well about the work here. All is well this was the last week of this change so we worked hard of finishing of well. We had the opportunity to help the sisters to baptize and confirm. This week i was really looking forward to resting and not being so involved. So we organized the sacrament very well. Vladimir was assigned to start the meeting. We chose all the people to give talks in advance gave them time to prepare. We did this week Easter in our ward. The first talk was about the birth of Jesus Christ. The second on the life of Jesus Christ 5 min. Third on the Atonement and Death of Jesus Christ and the last and the one i was most looking forward The Resurrection of The Lord Jesus Christ.

Well that was all planned out until we got up in the morning and started to do our early morning visits to see how everyone. Our third discursante as we got to her house started crying and was busy working. We asked her what was wrong and she told us that she has had a very busy week. That her work pushed really hard and that she was very tired and that her husband left and she had a lot to do so she will not be going to church and she was very stressed about the talk. So we took the talk away as it was a great honor for me to give the talk. Then we calmed and helped her about the house things and she got ready to go to church. After church she was joyful that she went because it helped her with more spirit to keep fighting.

I was thinking how wonderful opportunity we have to take care of this area and the fathers sons and daughters our brothers and sisters. Well as well this week we had a great opportunity as we went to adventista (Adventist?) church and we both got a strong testimony how thankful we are that our church has a prophet and twelve apostles. To guide this work the order we have. We went really well represented and the preacher was the owner of the house that we are leaving in. Gave us a great welcome and we sang songs shook hands with all it was a great occasion. I am looking forward to getting home and getting to know other churches. I have learned that they have some parts that they do well. As some have great devotion for what they do. The fulness and the Truth is what they don’t have. Well with many other things.

Also this week we had a great opportunity to represent Mateares in a stake actividad as we had our responsibility and we had great support from the priesthood. We did a very good job. The activity was great success we had 76 investigatores come and over all 205 people. Um this week we also ordained on of our converts that has 51 years a Aaronic priesthood. The work is growing great. After church we did a baptism for the sisters as they had a hard time entering water in there baptismal font. The member were there to help us and we finished at about 5. As we left in the streets was the best view. I will Call it Sacerdocia en Mateare. We were walking in the main street of mateares and as i looked we were spanned across the whole street all in white shirts about 6 or more of us. As we walked the people were looking at us like who are they and what are they doing. What a look as the greatest power of God we have as humans was shown in the streets of Mateare. I know that this is the church of Jesus Christ this is the work of Our kind and Dear Heavenly Father. I love him and thank him for the work that he has put in my hands for the comfort that i have had. I know he loves me. The hard times we go through is to help us to become better i know that he is molding me to be better to help more people.

I love you all keep up the letters.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Fwd: 4.20.09

The latest from Elder Courtright.

From: Matthew Courtright
Date: Mon, Apr 20, 2009 at 12:02 PM
Subject: 4.20.09

hey all. things are going great in arvada. this weekend (friday and saturday) were pretty much the most fun i have had while not being able to feel a single part of my body. on friday it snowed literally all day. we had the biggest snowflakes i have ever seen. so on saturday we spent all day removing that snow from people's driveways and sidewalks. it was alot of fun. it also rained the entire time we were removing the snow so that wasnt the best. i had a brain freeze almost all day. no bueno. i think we shoveled about 15 driveways at least. we were all worn out when we were done but it was really productive.

sunday, the culmenation of a week of work. we had 2 investigators at sacrament meeting and 11 less actives at sacrament. that was amazing! we were so excited to see so many of them who we have been working with alot finally show up at church.

well, things keep moving forward. we have great days and we have pretty crappy days. sometimes all it takes to me a day awesome is the last 5 minutes. in fact, it seems that way most days. i dunno if yall notice that in the "real world" but i know out here, thats what makes a day...the last 5 minutes.

hope yall are doing well. keep up the mail. i love it! and yall. i love yalll.


elder 'studley' courtright

Penny Freeman
Gratitude is the essence of joy.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Strong New Leaders; Thoughts on Carissa and a Bit Trunky

From: Elder Andrushka Pearce Dated: 04.13.09

Dear family

The letters rushed a sense of memories from last year about a lot that really has happened. It strengthens me to know that i passed those moments and that the gospel of Jesus Christ made me feel at ease with it. I love Carissa and know that i will see her one day. In the celestial kingdom.

Well as always there is a lot that happens. This week we had our first meeting in the new house. It was a little rough with the little room that we had and not much air that passed through. So for next week we will have to see how to over come this challenge.

We baptized three. A son of our convert that turned 8 years. Fransisco who we found thinking he is member but he wasn't. we set a goal and he reached all his goals. It reminds me when we came to do an interview for him with our leaders we found him studying on the table he had the book of Mormon the pamphlet we left him a dictionary of theory and a bible. He worked hard to reach his goals filling out the pamphlets that we would leave with him. He has 51 years. Another great leader one day.

Also we had a great joy helping a father of a family that we have been working for time to reach his goal. He left drinking coffee and maybe not because he understood but because he knew it was necessary. He is another prospect of a leader. I am so happy for this area because really the Lord has blessed this area. We also had a pool party as we didn't enter the pool but our quorum of Elders made sure we would be drenched without entering water. I will try to send some pictures about it.

Then after the pool party with surprise visit of president Fraatz and His assistant that gave as notice of two minutes came by to see the house that we have rented and gave as a interview personal. He was very happy for the work that we have been doing here. He gave me lots of great council. I have come to have lots of respect for President Fraatz and what he has done for this mission. He is a very big example for me in my life to be firm and to bring the spirit to do the work of the Lord just like he would like us. If we make mistakes we repent and do the best we can. My stress is coming down and i am feeling greater because lots of my stress is coming to resolve. Pres told me this is His work and to have confidence in Him that he will help and that its not all on me.

I love the experience that i have had here. How i love this area and all the people here. Sunday we had a meeting with the elders we were all together 8 we studied the history of The Prophet Joseph Smith and the history of the church. It was a great 2 hour meeting and then they wanted to make a plan to visit the members and work to return the lost members back to church. I think the spirit touched their hearts and the joy to move forward and work hard in this work. So we were there tell 6:30 talking and planning i could see the future and was happy for this ward. They have grown so much in little time.

President in my interview asked me and what would you like to do. I meditated for 2 minutes and told him i would love to keep going in this area. I hope that i could stay here for the next change i will let you know in a week and a half how it went. I know that there is a lot of pressure but i love it here and know that i am progressing and He is blessing me to learn and gain a stronger testimony.

I love you all I can't believe how fast the time is going by. I Can't believe that Mike got home. It made me really trunky thinking when i will get home. Ooooh in half a year. Be strong and true the Gospel of Our Savior Jesus Christ. Elder Pearce

Monday, April 13, 2009

Fwd: 4.13.09

The latest from Elder Matt.

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From: Matthew Courtright
Date: Mon, Apr 13, 2009 at 11:54 AM
Subject: 4.13.09

HAPPY END OF LENT! <--- on monday
     no go party hard

Hey all.

How are things with yall? thanks for all those who consistently write me on a weekly basis whether in email or mail. i love them all.

Well transfers are today and in case you are wondering i am staying right here in arvada. i have mixed emotions about it but mostly happy! i will explain in a bit.

On saturday, we had the baptism of shane howard.
Shane is a Iraq war veteran who had half of his face blown off, suffers from ptsd and was heavy into drinking and drugs for awhile. However, he has truly changed fromt he man he used to be. Before we taught him the first lesson, he had read the 1st book for Nephi and by the time he was baptized he was half way through alma. it was incredible. He is married but his wife is an alcoholic so he moved out into a friends BACKYARD! he gives all of his money to his wife to help support the kids. the baptism itself was teh most spiritual baptism i have ever seen.

Now for the mixed emotions. I am not sure how much i should talk about this, but i need a stress relief so...hi. my companion, elder caillier, hasnt been the most hard working guy on the planet. in fact, president put me with him to teach him how to work. (thats a quote from president). after we had taught a couple lessons, i realized that he didnt know how or what to teach in the missionary lessons. that was a shocker to me. He has been out 20 months and had no idea..that was a hard pill to swallow. So for the past 2 weeks i have had my patience tried and i think for the most part i am doing pretty good. We are still on lesson 1 because he forgets so much over night, but this is a true test of my patience and teaching skills. i have never had to teach someone how to teach. its a very different thing but i think if you saw me work, you would be throughly amazed.

Also on saturday we did a "missionary for a day" thing with the youth in a neighboring stake. we got to take a young man, Braedy, age 14, out with us to teach. the appts. were already set up, but that was okay. we taught a psuedo active guy about faith, repentence, baptism, receiving the gift of the holy ghost, and enduring to the end. then we took him tracting. he was scared but he did pretty good overall. the street we were asked to tract was tracted literally 2 days before and the 1st house was a house where members lived. it was mostly lame, but fun too.

well, overall things are great. if you have written a letter recently, i got  it but havent responded because i am slow and busy. my bad. i am working on it though. i have alot on my plate that i shouldnt have.....

love yall,
Elder Courtright

Penny Freeman
Gratitude is the essence of joy.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lessons From Conference

From: Elder Andrushka Pearce Dated: April 7th, 2009

Dear Family

Well the life is getting better. After the conference i feel so much better. It charged my soul with courage and deep devotion to my Savior to keep giving all i have. How i love the words of the prophets and apostles.

After conference we had a emergency meeting as a mission as we did last year to have a repentance session of the mission. I loved it. It reminded me the importance to keep on repenting for the little things we do.

Being a representative of Jesus Christ is a big responsibility. I love it. I know that the life is about having joy something that came to my mind and i love it. Is that fear makes doubt making us to have less faith. That i don't have room for fear to enter my life. Thinking about many things i have to do, comes fear. Fear of standing up in rooms of many people. Fear of not doing the best. So it helped me realize fear is not of God. This time i was there for all the sessions of the conference.

As we worked hard to help our Elders attend the morning Saturday session and the priesthood it went well as we had about 8 people or more there with us. What a great joy to be in this area and keep pushing forward.

The papers are still being filled out [to become a branch] . This week we changed houses and i could feel a strong spirit like that is the house. I just feel a sense of home in the new chapel and know that the Lord blessed us to be there. We are decorating it with pictures of Jesus Christ.

Mom about the camera it doesn't turn on i have taken good care of it but i don't really know why it doesn't turn on. So i am trying to find a way to fix it.

I am feeling better with my health. I am looking forward to keep pushing on. How sad it was to think that this is my last general conference in the mission. I started to think a lot about my mission and what i want to accomplish there are many things that i have come to reach and some i am very far a way from reaching. I have really worked hard to reach some of the goals and i know that i have a long long way to the presence of God but i have the tools and know were to have the map. The goal that i have to reach in this 6 months is to come to know my savior Jesus Christ and have a personal understanding and relationship with him.

I have also bin thinking a lot about families. As the mission changed its focus we are not allowed to baptize easily if they are not a family they need to go to church 8 or more times to be baptized if they are not a family. So i have been reading a lot about family becoming a counselor and expert on married and families and i have enjoyed learning so much. It reminded me a lot of you Mom and Dad. Many of the things that you have reached and put in practice and that has blessed my life and many of our lives.

Its 2008 leadership training or something like that and many other things i have been studying. I was thinking to myself the other day we may not all become leaders or be called to move thousands of souls to repentance. We all will one day be fathers and leaders of our house and our children. That gave me courage to keep fighting for the best and keep pushing forward. Many leadership skills i have and need to learn still. Well that's what comes to my mind this week i love you all take care.

Elder Pearce

Monday, April 6, 2009

Fwd: 4.6.09

Today's letter from Elder Courtright.

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From: Matthew Courtright
Date: Mon, Apr 6, 2009 at 11:51 AM
Subject: 4.6.09

hey everyone. It has been snowing all week. Why cant it be 80 degrees like where yall are, for the most part. on wednesday, i went on exchanges. I went into the arvada 1st ward. It was alot of fun. We went tracting and about 20 minutes after we started, it started hailing. we ran 500 feet through hail smashing into our faces to the car. It sucked so much and it hurt. then a blizzard came 20 minutes later so we were house bound for a little while. what a way to spend an exchange....

Well, as many of you know, General Conference was this weekend. It was really good. Did anyone notice how stylish D. Todd Christofferson is? He is very stylish, in case you missed it. It was a very crazy weekend. I loved Elder Hollands talk. it blew me out of the water.

Also, who does Neil L. Anderson think he is? An apostle of the Lord? haha. we had a really funny conversation about that for awhile. i think it was one of those had to be there moments for the most part. Well, between a couple of the sessions, we eat and played games as a district. (by the time we got to food, ate, and got back to the stake center there was no time to prosylete. I felt weird. I wasnt being disobedient but it was out of the norm) I taught the district how to play dominos. We had fun with that.

Things are going well, we have a baptism on saturday and we are doing some missionary activity with the youth of the westminister stake next saturday (the 11th). They are part of our zone which is why arvada missionaries are getting pulled in. The youth are going to have a "teaching appt." and go tracting with us to give them an idea of what missionary work is. I am really excited for that.

Love yall,
Elder Courtright

Penny Freeman
Gratitude is the essence of joy.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Little Child Shall Lead Them

From: Elder Andrushka Pearce Dated: March 23, 2009

Dear Family

this week i reached 19 months on my mission. I cant believe that i am coming to an end. I look at it all that i have 6 months more to give it all i have. To be honest i hope that my system holds up on pushing as hard i am pushing to help.

This week Vladimir got better from Varisela and we got back to work with him visiting his friends. We had another baptism a sister of Vladimir. Her name is Yaoska and she has a cute little daughter of 3 years old. She was a huge help for us on helping baptize. The first time we came by to talk to her she didn't really want much or to talk to us we only got in 5 or 10 wards making an invitation. Then each time we came back inviting little by little to church. We came by one day and invited the daughter and she went of telling her mom. I want to go to church so she went to church. There are only a few more left in this family to be the whole family members. It was a lovely baptism and i know that the lord is blessing us a lot.

I had a chance to give a talk this Sunday and it went well i could feel the spirit helping me give the talk. Do to all that needs to be done i wanted to give a talk on Sabbath day. as i stood up to give a talk a whole other theme came out and it was a very good talk on fallowing our savior Jesus Christ through all. To be willing to give your life for his name sake. Then also inviting all to give all to the work of the lord and not hold anything back.

Then we had a classes and since we called a teacher we can supervise and have a little less of stress. So i got to be a little part of primary and watch out for little once. Then we divided for Priesthood. We taught how to tie ties and it was a great class. Teaching the importance of white shirt and a tie to be ready to serve the Lord Sundays. We also confirmed 3 more to the Melchizedek Priesthood. SO we are with 7 we need 9 to send our papers in to become a branch.

We are very exited to keep pushing forward this work. We have two more in mind to help become we are hoping in two weeks to be ready. We have made a DVD to send also and the papers with the goals completed as there were giving to us. We also this week found a new house to move into next week. We are very exited because we have found a lower price and a very nice house with a swimming pool to baptize here in Mateares making it more part of our ward to participate in baptisms. Write now we have to go far and pay to travel for every baptism. I have seen the Hand of the Lord in this work as he helps us to make the work more efficient. How i love this work.

Walking to the District meeting today i heard my name as a convert that i help baptize shouted my name. At first i was a little scared because the man was dressed with a guard uniform with a pistol and everything. We talked for a little while and i let him know that with my mom and dad we will be passing by. I love this work. How i wish i could have more to give it. Well Better then wishing is preparing for the feature to be the best i can be. This is the True Church. I know it by the Holy Ghost. Elder Pearce I love you all and hope all is well.

Oh That I Were An Angel

From: Elder Andrushka Pearce Dated: March 30, 2009

Dear family

This week was one of the hardest weeks. There are some good news and some hard ones. Lets start out with the good news. This week we got another Melchizedek priesthood holder and president told us that was enough he invited us to his office. To deliver the DVD that we made. Then to our surprise he invited us to go out to eat with his wife. It was a great blessing as we went out to a restaurant very nice and i hardly even new how to eat. He thanked us for our work and let us know that he will be sending the papers in. What a blessing it is to me to know that we are growing here.

Vladimir this week gave a talk and it was a very good talk about the mission work it really animated many to go out and work. He has been spending a lot of time with us working. We also had the opportunity to go down to a stake meeting in another stake as we did divisions and brother Vladimir went with me in representation of our ward he did really well. How i love the lord and the opportunity that he is giving to me.

I love this work. This week i was very stressed out and i think i have come to my limit and my nerves were sick i have never felt so tens. So i had a great talk with the president as he gave me a lot of tips on how to work and give the rest work and depend on the lord not just on my strength. I have so much more to over come but i am so happy and joyful to jump in and do all can do. I have bin making comments for a while that my goal is come home crazy and i think i am very close to being there.

SO this week i got a massager for my back and i am taking time resting my mind and taking vitamins i have never felt so at the end of my strength. i am thankful for this opportunity i hope that i can relax a bit because if i don't i think i will be changed and i don't really want to live this area yet.

Some of the stress that i have had is getting done we are moving house we have finished our contract we came to the terms that we both like on the house. We are trying to keep our room at the other house and just rent the house as a church will see how that goes. As we finished church many members walked out saying good by to the house i know going to the next house is going to be a great experience.

how i love the lord and know that he guides his people. How i wish i had more strength. AS Alma once said only if i were an angle and had the desires of my heart. Not to proudful but to be stronger to push this work along. I love you all.

Mom don't worry about it. I had a great interview with the president he gave me a lovely blessing that helped me know much that i need to do and i need to give my worry to the lord he is bound wean we do what he says. I love you all take care.

Let mike now that i will be home shortly. Mom let bj know that i can not write to him being on my mission. It became a new rull not to long a go. So i will be respecting the rull. So he is not afended that i am not writing to him.

Mom If you could also let Brooke know that i am doing well and that she only has 6 more months to wait. i have not bin able to send that many letters to her. If you could do such a favor for me.

Elder Pearce

Monday, March 30, 2009

Re: 3.30.09

On Mon, Mar 30, 2009 at 11:56 AM, Matthew Courtright  wrote:
hey all,
Well, this week was definately out of the ordinary. The first half was pretty uneventful. However, thursday we had a massive snow storm bust in on us. Blizzard conditions. When we woke up at 6:30 there was a light dusting and by the time i got out of the shower (i think i took the second shower) at 7:35 there was 3 inches or more on the ground. That is alot of snow, really fast. it snowed for 12 hours straight. it was bad. We had district meeting though. WHen that was over, we literally had to shovel the car out of the parking lot. it was awesome. we spent the day with a member driving to different peoples houses and removing snow from their sidewalks and driveways. i think we did 8 people so i am pretty good now. We did 2 people who werent members and didnt want to talk about Jesus so they gave us 20 bucks each to go away. I made dinner with that (chicken tacos...yum). We also did lots of old people. it was pretty amazing to me cause i had never been in weather conditions anywhere near as bad. It was fun too because my hair was wet from the snow and then everytime we got out of the car, my hair would literally freeze. That was a first. The rest of the week kinda revolved around the snow. cleaning up after it, making sure old people werent dead. that kind of thing. It snowed this morning as weel but not nearly the same. maybe half an inch at best. however, because of the snow...things look greener. yeah!

On a side note, i heard that Josh Johnson and Lindsey Shurtliff got their mission calls. where to? anyone know?

well, unfortunately the world wont stop spinning and time doesnt stop so i gotta take off. I wish i had some amazing theoritical thing that i could throw at you that would make you think twice about life. I dont have anything though. I did read Alma 5 this week and realized that i suck at life alot of times. (thats the chapter where alma makes the people of zarahemla evalutate themselves with lots of questions.) Question: did you know that families can be together forever?

Love ya,
Elder Matt Courtright

Penny Freeman
Gratitude is the essence of joy.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fwd: 3.15.09

Here's the latest from Elder Courtright.

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From: Matthew Courtright
Date: Mon, Mar 16, 2009 at 11:42 AM

hey all.
well, week number 2 is completed in arvada and it was one crazy week. we had zone conference on friday which was freakin amazing. we studied the personal application of the atonement. as missionaries we alsways say the words "we" "us" "them" but for that one day, we had to focus on saying "i" and "me". it was amazing to make the atonement more personal and to talk about it for 8 hours. so fun. It was also cool because i got to see 3 guys from my mtc district who i havent seen in 5 months.
Oh, and Zone conference was in Boulder, CO. Little background on boulder. People call it the Republic of Boulder and it is home to CU (university of colorado). It is amazingly liberal and everyone there wants to push it onto you. i love it. the best part though is that everyone smokes pot there. everyone. so at 730 in the morning, with 5 dudes in the corolla, we rolled down the windows and the sweet smell of marijuana crept into the car. People in Boulder literally breathe marijuana on a daily basis. good stuff. moral of the story, i would kill to serve there.
Well, things were pretty lame this week. nothing amazing happened outside of zone conference. hopefully that will change this week. its hard though. we tracted for 8 hours and found 0 new investigators. i wish i had kept a tally of every door i have would be amazed.

well, hope all are doing well. once again thanks for the gifts. and sis freeman, picture will be in the mail today hopefully. :)

Penny Freeman
Gratitude is the essence of joy.

Monday, March 16, 2009

New Elder's Quorum President

From: Elder Andrushka Pearce Dated: March 16, 2009

Dear Family

This week first my companion got sick. With high fever and with other pain. Then i found myself sick. So this week was kind of a slow week not doing much. It seems that as we solve a challenge we have 3 more added upon but with more work more blessings.

We were thinking that this week we would have a really low attendance at church. From what happened last week. It was the same we are balancing about 50 normal. We have been focusing a lot on teaching about families and working on our priesthood.

What a look it was this week as our new Elders quorum President came with a white shirt and a tie to bless the sacrament. Not only him but he went visiting and helped the other priesthood come with a white shirts also. I am so thankful for his work it takes some weight off us and helps us focus on making our meetings a little better. We have been putting a lot of focus on our Melchizedek Priesthood and we have 4 and other 5 are preparing. In all we need 9 so we are doing well. We are hoping to teach them really well their duty.

I am so blessed to not have changes as i talked with President he told me are you willing to keep working hard i let him know i am. He has had his heart on this area for becoming a branch soon. We are working hard. WE will be working a lot harder this week.

The mission is great this week i had many opportunities to teach. I have come to love teaching people some times its hard but the more you teach the more you know how to have the spirit with you and not be working about so much what you say or be scared of teaching.

My companion gave a great talk this week about enduring to the end and that we should focus on the Our Savior Jesus Christ.

The other thing i have learned is that when we get something into our hearts its very hard to throw it away. That's why its really important what we put into our minds as it reaches deep in our hearts. I am thankful that i have love for the service of god deep in my heart. I am working hard to become a great force for the work of God.

The owner of the house told me that it is great that we are in the front line fighting with all our might the war of God. I know that the more we study the more we pray the more we pour ear and mind to the spirit of god the faster we reach the hearts of other people our brothers and sister. I am amazed by the vision of life of the servants of God like President Clark and President Fraatz. It opens my vision bigger and helps me to dream to be better and to reach that goal. Love the Lord I love his work. I love you all. Thanks mom and dad for writing to me.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Almost a Branch

From: Elder Andrushka Dated: March 9, 2009

Dear family,

I will finally be ready to send you some of my pictures of what is happening. The camera is not working right now i don't really now why it wont turn on. I was able to get a hold of the camera of my companion. How i love this work. He is the one that dose this work. We are instruments in his hands. This week the most amazing thing that happened is that our largest challenge in the ward came to an end. I was very pleased that it came to an end. I know that the lord guides this work that he made it possible. I have bin praying that we could know how to finish it. All that we did activities everything inviting our leaders to speak about it nothing ended. Then a miracle of Our Heavenly father happened an accident and it bright all down as everyone know is unified and in better working condition.

This week we had our anniversary OF 3 Years in Mateares. We made a video with the help of a reporter that is member of the church. It was very good as the video ended all jumped with joy with applause. The spirit was very strong.

We also had the privilege of having the assistants to the president there they loved it. It has become an area really productive and all have there eyes on the area. Presidente Fraatz as well as Elder Clark. We have sent our papers in and they have bin postponed tell we have 9 Melchizedek Priesthood members that are worthy. We are close we have 5 and 5 more in training.

I have come to love this area. As i expressed my feelings trying to help end the problem i realized how much i have become involved to wanting to bless this people with all my heart. What they all mean for me. How much they care and want to help me also. The more i serve the clearer i see the picture. The Picture of this life which is based on the work of Our Father In Heaven and Our savior Jesus Christ. I hope that i will have many opportunity's to serve.

In this area i have learned many positions and the importance of them. What function they have and why its important. The work goes freater with the bishopric and all there leaders. How i love the lord. He has blessed me so much. I thank him for all that he gives me and trains me and gives me more patience and love to keep giving. This week we helped a brother santos receive priesthood as we transferred his file from the states to here he is ready to serve and help. What a miracle happened. We past by and he was drinking about 3 months a go. We invited him to church thinking he wouldn't even remember tomorrow. The next day he was dressed with his bible in hand at church.

Thinking to our surprise he is not a member talking to him a little more we found out he is a member of the church. He made the choice and left his other life behind and is very firm in the gospel. Goes to church each week and pays his tithing every week. He is one of the members that's the most on time.

Dano y Bienvenidos Carrie a nuestro familia. Dios bendiga su familia para siempre mantener felizes en su camino hasta la Exaltacion. Quidance uno a otro siempre. Espero de conocer muy pronto Carrie. 6 meses y poso mas. Mom the translation was good there was somethings little of being incorrect of order. I understood very well.

About wean i had 14 months on the mission i asked president to extend i will be coming home on month after my date. I would love it if you would come down and get to know some of the greatest families on earth. I still have lots and lots of time. Well i would put it like that because i don't want to think about leaving the mission. The mission is the best place to learn and it capacitates one to be the best in all. To be a great Father To be a great leader. I remember when the bishop told me that i would be learning how to be a better father. It is very true. Seeing so many families here. Giving so many talks (not that many) On families i feel more capable of running a family.

I gave a talk this week on Sunday about i and my house will serve the lord. It went really well as we are trying all as a mission to start more the family prayer scripture reading and family home evening. I let all know about our system as it was and about my mom and dad. The great examples they are for me and many people that i have taught. I can't believe that all are coming home so fast i remember that we just started and now we are finishing. Love you all take care i will sure pray for Amy and Dads business. Elder Pearce

Monday, March 9, 2009

Fwd: 3.9.09

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From: Matthew Courtright
Date: Mon, Mar 9, 2009 at 1:29 PM

Hey fetchers!
Well week 1 of Arvada, CO is complete. It was a pretty good week all things considered. Just to let you know, Our house, like every house in Arvada is on a hill. infact, the entire city is one big hill...full of white people. I was curious so one of the members looked up the demographics for Arvada. 98% white. Holy cow! i didnt realize that number was possible.
Anyways, so we met the only mexican in arvada. he is a less active guy who got out of jail on...Monday. He got caught with a pound of marijuana on him so he served 5 months. He is also a member of the north side mafia <--a gang. He is about as active in that as he is in the church though, so atleast that is good.
We also met a part member family yesterday. the Browns. They have been married for 25 years and he is stil pretty much decided on the fact that he doesnt want to be baptized. I dunno why though. Maybe i will ask. We had brownies and did alot of talking with them. They are all pretty cool. They have a son on a mission in Milan and a 17 year old daughter. She is definately pretty...and a fake baker (lots of fake baking). But i didnt notice that. my companion did.
This ward is pretty cool though. Small primary so it will be easy to make them love me. THat is my new goal for my mission. to make every primary in every ward love me. Cant be too hard

--Elder Courtright

Penny Freeman
Gratitude is the essence of joy.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Yet Another Miracle

From Elder Andrushka Pearce Dated: March 2, 2009

Dear Family

Well The work just goes on and mericles grow more visable. How i love the work of the lord and to see how much my heavenly father loves me. This week we had a major mericle. Do to the privacy of the family i will not be explaning evrything.

We have bin working with this family for about 3 months the daughter of theres is member of the church and has more then a year the mom realy wants to be member and dad also. They have gone to church many acasions they love it and want to be part of it. They have wanted to be baptized for a while. To baptize them we need to merry them to merry them we need to take care of some ligal problems we have a lowyer working on the ligal problem. We have found lots of hoops to jump through that i can not explain fully. We have jumped through many hoopes with them finishing.

The mericle is that they told us that to solve it they have found a way they found the person that we need to visit. They told us he lives on the other part of the highway to leon wich is over the mountins. We then called to get permission and we were given permision saturday morning as we went to the house they told us they didnt want to go and work on this any more they are fine as they are. My companion and i taught them that its better to try and do all right then run away from things. (learning from Dad and his experiance)

So after a little talk she told us his name and the buss stop the only thing she new is that he lived far inn in a vilage. So we had the bus stop the name and nothing els. We then went to the house of Vladimir talk him into post poining his meating and he after listening to the adventure and experiance gave the go. So at 1:00 pm we left on the adventure to Managua then to the destination traveling about 2 houres or more. As we got on the bus it was a great experiance as the buss filled and we were standing.

As we were standing Vladimir made a coment to a sister that was sitting and she had a little daughter siting there. In a realy hush tone he told my companion it would be good if she could cary her daughter on her lape. In a joking way. Well she heard and picked her daughter up and invited him to sitt down. Wean he sat down he started to talk to her and asked her about the bus stop she said she was going there and then we asked her if she new this man she said yes his my next door vecino(espaƱol).

What a mericle that we came to that stop she was the only one that got of at that stop that live in that farm area that new who he was. How the lord takes care of his servents and what they do. It gave me a testimony that the lord loves me and that i am realy doing his work. We got of walked to there with this great sister talking with her daughter and with her. She led us to his house and told that he was.

The mission that we were there didnt go so well because he didnt want to help out at first explaining the case good he went away happy we tooke picture with him and went on our way. We stoped at that house and gave a pamflet to read about the curch.

I know this is the work of the lord. Before we left my companion told me something if its the work of the lord we will find him. We came back from that experiance knowing that this is the work of the lord. What a great apertunity that vladimir had the chance to be part of the mericle and strengthen his testimony.

This sunday we sustaind ordaind three a melchesedik priesthood and one a aronic presthood. we also called and sustaind first and second counsler and a chorum president its a sight to see here in this ward. That is newly started that they are familys they have little kids. I could picture all the little kids serving missions being strong guideing one another together. I love this area i truly hope that i can spend a little longer here.

I know that it sounds that i am tired but to the lord i am willing to give my best and not just dream about it but to do it. Something that our mission president taught me is find a way and do it. We call it Haron azul(the blue vase) I love The Lord with all my heart. I have 7 more months to give it all i have. I looke forward to coming home all draind out giving my all. I love you all have A great weding i hope that my presence will be there. I love you brother and saport you in your desicions.

Vladimir Gets Baptized

From: Elder Andrushka Pearce Dated: February 16, 2009

Dear family

Truly love giving all i have to the mission. The more you give the more you see your weekneses and the better you can over come them. This week we had 3 most wonderful baptizims. We went to visit the son of Vladimir in the Hospital talkind to him a while. He is a very good person and i know that the lord has prepared him to help serve here in this area. He has bin wanting to go to the states to make some mony to send to his family. As we were visiting him. He told us he wanted to get baptized but he couldent live his son in the hospital.

We let him know we are ready whean ever he says he is ready to fallow this big step. Then we went home on thirsday he called saing that he and his son were released and they are home. He said he wanted to talk to us as we got there. We talked to his wife and he told us that this saturday he wanted to get baptized and his daughter also. So that was the best news.

The third is his sister that we merried also that was strugiling a little bit. The day of his baptizim she said she was at work and decided to get on line to read the book of mormon as she got on line some fealing came over her that she should get baptized also. She said she called her husband and told him she was going to get baptized. THe whole pueblo new it and we were the last once to find out. It was a very good news for us. This little branch is growing realy well. I have bin anxously waiting for Vladimir take this step. He is latino but he has done a lote of studing in other places.

This sunday as we got all ready to start the meating we were short on priesthood so then at the start of the meating as we started with a song and a prayer we confirmed him and ordainded him to the ofice of a pristhood in the Aronic Priesthood. He then we explaind him the sacrament and he blessed it. He did it with lots of emotion and spirit. It was a bit new for all the members but it went well.

The branch is strogiling a bit with some things. We had a meating with some of our priesthood brethren to talk about the problem that is hapening. This week we have a lot of work to do. I feal a bit sad but know that i have to give it all i have and i dont looke for the reward from the members. As a lidder i have bin very respectful and a little hard to have better order and that all is done with the spirit. I know that the members have respect and that in front of me that they dont realy show the chalenge that is happening. Its about talking about other members or rumers as we say. Its a little sad. Its deviding our little branch. I looke forward this week working hard to over come this chaleng.

There is a lot of people that want to take care and help with this chalenge. We are wokring alot with familys mission president has pout a goal to help in NIcaragua by baptizing family and its proven and i have seen it that familys have a better chance to stay active. i love this work i love pushing forward. The lord has placed in me lots of confidence i pray and plead that i will keep that confidence and be always worthy of the Holy Ghost in my life. I never thaught i would grow so much on the mission or as i have grown. I am starting to feal that i have 40 years.

Talking about Years Happy Birthday Dad. I hope you know how much i love you and am gratefull for all that you have done in my life and the great example that you have always bin for me. Your testimony is an example to me that you hold strong to the things that you belive. I to want to hold strong to the things that i belive as my father showed me to do. Being here on my mission i have realized what an amazing father i have truly had. What a lider he was in the home,of ours. The prayers that we did as a family. The family home evngings full of fun. The trips that we have gone on.

I am also greatful for all the time that i was corected. The time i had playing basketball building a half pipe and the many activitys that you helped me saported me. I am thankfull that you were strong inof to not let me do what i wanted to do. To show and know better that i should be doing. I love you dearly. I hope you can feal as you read this letter my love for you! Thank you for being my Father, My Example, My Teacher and My Friend. Thank for sharing with me your testimony, your time and your talents. I love you, respect you and know you as My Father.

Elder Pearce

Monday, March 2, 2009

: 3.2.09 Back in Denver!

The latest super terrific letter from Matt.  Enjoy.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Matthew Courtright
Date: Mon, Mar 2, 2009 at 4:05 PM

Happy Birthday Me!
Well, just as an fyi to you, the only person who's present i've gotten thus far is God's gift. What did he get me? Well, a transfer to Arvada, CO and 70 degree weather today! That's right, i am officially out of Cheyenne as of about 6:30 tonight and its 70 degrees today. its amazing! Why havent i gotten the things yall have sent? Because transfers are today so they hold all the mail until after transfers so anything yall have sent i should get in about 2-3 days if it was sent this last week.

On to things that have happened this week. Well it was the last week of the transfer so there had been alot of speculation about who would do what but never in a million years did i think i would leave Cheyenne. Its known as the black hole of the mission. Missionaries get put here and then dont ever leave. One missionary who recently went home 4 months ago served in Cheyenne for about 18 months of his mission. Yeah, couldnt do that. But i asked Pres, mostly as a joke, that for my birthday (since it was on transfers) if i could go down south to denver. I got my wish. Hopefully i wont regret it. My new companion is Elder Callier and we will be in the Arvada 2nd ward. Arvada is on the mission boundary so i will be in the south (coveted). Being in Denver is like the most desirous of all areas. There are like 6-8 different areas in Denver, so more than half the mission, but everyone wants to be there.

Skipping over the entire week because it none of it matters compared to Sunday. On sunday we went and saw a bunch of members and said goodbyes and took pictures. We went and saw the top 5 families in both the Western Hills/Indian Hills wards. Then at 5 we the baptism of Jerry Bennett and i got to baptize her. She is 79 years old and cried through the whole thing. She was so happy though. It was awesome. Then at 7 we had Mark Minigell's baptism. He is 21 and his wife is a member. Last night was amazing. Jerry's  baptism was so cool because she is...old and yet after 60 years of smoking, she quit because she wanted to be in the Church of Jesus Christ. It was awesome. (i think i have said that like 5 times now and will say it probably 5 more times.) Then Mark's baptism was just as amazing. His Father-in-law preformed the ordinance and he was so happy. He is a really quite guy who doesnt get excited over much but when he was baptized he had a massive grin and his wife (who i am 6 days older than..weird) was so happy. They are also moving to Texas in the summer, so mad props there. It was so cool to bring a laborer hired at the end of the day to work in God's kingdom and to make a psuedo-broken home, whole. Mark is going to let me know where they move to in Texas so i can hit them up in....19 months. No, I am not counting. Mark wants to work for the border patrol in Maine but before he can do that he has to work on the southern border for 2 years...thus Texas.

Well, thats all i have time for today. Next week when i write, i will be in an entirely different state and climate. Good luck to all of you in whatever you are doing this week. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I really appreciate it and the late V-day presents.

--Elder Courtright

Hannah--Please tell me you are kidding about not getting that letter!
Rufus--Definately worth the wait. I loved the story of Riley playing transformers with the printer..i could definately see it happening.
Freemom--I fail. I will mail you one this week though! Scouts honor!
Brent/Jordizzle--I love stuff!
Hannah Minton--I have been practicing my mini golf. When i got your card, i was so tired it took me literally 2 days to get the thumb-bunny. i suck.

Penny Freeman
Gratitude is the essence of joy.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Re: 2.23.09

The latest from Elder Courtright.


On Mon, Feb 23, 2009 at 2:14 PM, Matthew Courtright  wrote:
Well, i wish i could say that i had the most productive week ever, but unfortunately, i cant. Elder Walker, one of my companions, was sick from wednesday until saturday and he still isnt perfect. He was really tired, week, dizzy and light headed. The best part though is that he was delusional. He was out his mind crazy. What did Elder Paull and I do to pass the time? We played Texas Hold 'Em for push ups, sit ups, lunges, jumping jacks, etc. I worked out alot this week and it felt good. I did over 300 push ups, sit ups and jumping jacks, in 1 day. Good stuff. I definately enjoyed being sore for the days to follow.
ON sunday we have 2 people getting baptized. Mark Minigell who we have been waiting for like a month to baptize and Jerry Bennett who just last week stopped smoking after smoking for 60 years. Thats right, she's ancient. We are super excited for both of them.
Working in 2 wards, having a 3-some, and having a sick companion definately hasnt been the best thing of my life, but next monday all that changes. We are anxious for saturday night to see what is gonna happen. There is definately gonna be a huge shake up for us. One of our zone leaders goes home, some of the missionaries in Cheyenne have been here for 8 months or more, and then there are the 3 of us. Anything could happen. Literally. But mostly i am worried about making it through the next week. It could definately be a long week. Dont really feel the need to explain it though.
Well, sadly thats all i got for y'all. I gave a talk on sunday in one of the wards and talked about going to Vidor, Tx after hurricane Rita. I said some things that only someone who lived or had been to Vidor would know that i was insulting Vidor. I assumed no one in the ward knew where Vidor was. I was definately wrong. A guy came up to me and asked me how i liked Vidor. He said that his sister just moved from there after living there for like 25 years. I laughed, but he agreed, once you go to Vidor, you can never leave. :) and you marry your cousin....

That's all folks
--Elder Matt Courtright

Penny Freeman
Gratitude is the essence of joy.