Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Steadfast and Immovable in the Gospel

From Elder Paul Freeman, dated July 2, 2008

Dear Mom,

Thanks for all your amazing letters. You never need to worry about them being too long. You're the only one who ever writes me, and my companion always wonders why I spend so little time on the computer.

Thanks for those links from uncle Alan. I'm sure they will be useful. It makes it easier for us too. I had no idea how I would be able to figure out what he was talking about. But, like you said it may not add up to much unless he is willing to humble himself and receive a witness of the Holy Ghost. I've known that for a while now, but it never ceases to amaze me how extremely vital it is.

Especially now, more than ever, it seems like we've been facing greater and greater opposition. People we've never met before will come right out directly and boldly tell us how we are wrong and teaching false doctrine. And to be honest, it can be upsetting. Many missionaries will challenge it then and there and pretty much pick a fight. I know that never accomplishes anything, and I usually just let it go and move on to the next person. But, for a while now I've wanted to be more direct and more bold, and the tricky part is not to come off over-bearing.

This morning I was reading when Alma and Amulek were teaching the people and they really laid into the people. Now I know I'm no Alma nor Amulek, but I have just as much right to defend the truth. I don't have to argue and I don't have to get angry. I just can't let people whom I've never met and don't know me to challenge my integrity as a witness of the Savior and His Church. I've also noticed the General Authorities being bolder in conference talks. I know I can follow their example and be steadfast and immovable in the Gospel I know and love. You're a great example mom and I love you very much.


Elder Freeman

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I Love Teaching People

From Elder Andrushka Dated June 26, 2008

I hope you are all getting my letters.

This week has been amazing. We worked so hard to finish all our goals. We had many investigators come to church which means they are ready to be baptized.

This week we have some baptisms lined up. The work of our Heavenly Father is just rolling as the Spirit touches the people’s lives. It is humbling to be learning each day something new. It is humbling to be in the gospel. It is hard work to be working with people but the reward is each day you go to bed tired. You know you gave it all you could.

There are some times you pour your love out and the people reject it. Times like that you can understand how our Savior felt. Also our Heavenly Father showing and showing His love and many reject it. How blessed I am to be learning all these things on my mission. I love teaching people. I love exhorting. I love testifying.

I have come to know that this gospel is true. That this is His work. The families we find, the people we teach are given as responsibility to us to nurture and help them.

The Juarez family I think will be going for next week if all is well. We have to teach them with the Spirit to help them progress. I will let you know next week how all went with them.

Well, hope all is well at home. I haven’t heard much. I love each and every one of you.
Elder Pearce

Developing Our Potential

From Elder Andrushka Dated June 30, 2008

Dear Family,

As always it sounds like a lot is going on at home. From working to serving.

This week we changed the baptism. As I was thinking much about the family I had a revelation that they needed one more visit from the members. We will be inviting and setting up a visit with them. Their names are Briselda Rosario y Naydi. They are one of the most amazing families I have met in Nicaragua. As soon as we taught them, they were praying together as a family and reading what we would leave with them. They know they have so much more to learn. They participate and love church. So this week we will be talking about this Wednesday. (Setting baptism date?)

We are also preparing the Juarez family a little bit longer so they will have a true conversion.

I have really realized I am here to establish the church of Jesus Christ. The more time I serve, the more I understand in what manner my Father in Heaven wants me to carry out the work here. I have come to really love this area and the people. We have a lot of people that we are working with and coming to church. Love the mission work. I have been working harder and harder and am becoming a better servant of the Lord. I love reading Ensigns and learning about the apostles lives. I get ideas of what kind of values I want to develop in my life. The next step is to put them into action. I know that each one of our potentials is great here on earth. May we all see the potential we have. May we put into each day a little more effort into developing our values and serving more.

I love you all. (Hope that you can understand my English) My comps name is Elder Ramirez and he is a very outstanding missionary. I was blessed with such a great companion this change. With him this change has flown by. He also has gotten me to laugh a little.

Elder Pearce