Monday, June 8, 2009

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On Mon, Jun 8, 2009 at 11:54 AM, Matthew Courtright wrote:
coincidently, that subject title is also the title of an approved music cd by Relient K :)

well not that i have been keeping track but my amazing abilities at math told me that today marks my 8 month mark and 1/3 of my mission. all i can say is what the world? where is the time going? man... not fair.

this week was really different. Arvada (where i used to serve) had its missionary for the day event for the young men in the Arvada stake. It was awesome to go back to Arvada and help out with that. I got to go because i was the only one who knew how to get to the specific building in arvada. its tucked nicely into a neighborhood with no really connecting main streets. annoying. but we went down and had alot of fun and good experience. its so important for those boys to get a taste of bearing sincere testimony and tracting. fun. we each had a boy and i went with one of the spanish elders, elder lawther, (he speaks english better than spanish. he is from oregon) to an appt. the 4 of us taught the first lesson about the restoration of the gospel. it was awesome. Elder Lawther and i guided the lesson and had to the 2 boys bear testimony and explain basic principles like "what is a prophet?" "how has your family blessed you?" etc. THen we took them tracting. We had a 90+ year old guy answer the door in his whitey tighties and tell us we were selling souls and to  "Scat." i miss arvada.

this week we also had zone conference and the theme was "forget yourself and go to work." it was amazing. and has really changed my perspective on what i am doing. i am excited to apply the principles i learned

well, be good kids and write me back. let me know how things are going. i love you.

-elder courtright

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