Monday, August 10, 2009

Lost Sheep

On Mon, Aug 10, 2009 at 12:35 PM, Matthew Courtright wrote:
hey all. sorry if yall have missed me over the last weeks. its been crazy hectic. God has been having fun with my health. Dont worry, still no AIDS or anything serious, just a series of fun little things to try my patience. I started off by getting sick. I have never had a summer cold before so that wasnt fun. I took lots of Nyquil and about 2 days later was over it..for the most part. the next 3 days were spent with very little energy. The slightest amount of anything wore me out. Walking up stairs was hard becuase i had so little energy. I slept alot. I had never been so effected by the flu. Then about the middle of last week my tooth started to hurt. I ignored it (which is what every 18 - 24 year old does) and hoped it would go away. it did, but was replaced by massive headaches. So i called one of the 9 local dentists in the ward and asked him to check it out for free. He didnt even think twice, just said yes. He also wrote me a perscription for ammoxcicilan to kill anything. i went in this morning and he removed a filling i had to see what was up. He thought i was crazy at first but he said that i had been grinding my teeth which is a sign that something is up. When he removed the filling he said "uhhh, bad" then proceded to scrape away at my tooth with out telling me anything. i was lost. turns out i had a cavity under my tooth. He said that it wasnt anything i could do to prevent and that it was probably the dentist who put in the fillings fault. (By the way, i got that filling in Oklahoma...which is to say Canada.) Apparently the cavity was dangerously close to the root. So he fixed it and then refered me to a root canal specialist (who coincidentally is also in the ward. Freakin lots of dentists here). SO i might need a root canal and hopefully i can get it for free. a perk of being a missionary.

So it better news, a couple weeks ago i mentioned that we had had a miracle but never expounded on it. Now i will. So my companion and i were walking down the street to go and visit a family that had just moved into the ward. ON our way, we stopped and contacted to asian girls. They were very timid but their uncle said "come back. you need teach them. they go to church" (all asian like). we set up a time to come back but were very...hesitant because he wanted us to teach them, not him. we came back though with one of the youth and began to teach them and their 10 year old brother. We had to start at the basics. They had little to no concept of God or the spirit or anything. It was kinda sad. However, when we pulled out a Book of Mormon they said oh we have one. turns out the girls are members but tony was not old enough to be baptized. We were led to 3 of God's lost sheep. It was nothing short of a miracle. Since then, they have come to church and been fully welcomed into the ward. Tony has made some great friends already and the 2 girls, Kocky and Luly, are opening up. Tony is getting baptized on the 22nd of August and is super stoked about it.

Well, i am out of time and would write more if i could. Be good Yall. Love ya.

Elder Courtright

Penny Freeman
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