Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fwd: 3.15.09

Here's the latest from Elder Courtright.

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From: Matthew Courtright
Date: Mon, Mar 16, 2009 at 11:42 AM

hey all.
well, week number 2 is completed in arvada and it was one crazy week. we had zone conference on friday which was freakin amazing. we studied the personal application of the atonement. as missionaries we alsways say the words "we" "us" "them" but for that one day, we had to focus on saying "i" and "me". it was amazing to make the atonement more personal and to talk about it for 8 hours. so fun. It was also cool because i got to see 3 guys from my mtc district who i havent seen in 5 months.
Oh, and Zone conference was in Boulder, CO. Little background on boulder. People call it the Republic of Boulder and it is home to CU (university of colorado). It is amazingly liberal and everyone there wants to push it onto you. i love it. the best part though is that everyone smokes pot there. everyone. so at 730 in the morning, with 5 dudes in the corolla, we rolled down the windows and the sweet smell of marijuana crept into the car. People in Boulder literally breathe marijuana on a daily basis. good stuff. moral of the story, i would kill to serve there.
Well, things were pretty lame this week. nothing amazing happened outside of zone conference. hopefully that will change this week. its hard though. we tracted for 8 hours and found 0 new investigators. i wish i had kept a tally of every door i have would be amazed.

well, hope all are doing well. once again thanks for the gifts. and sis freeman, picture will be in the mail today hopefully. :)

Penny Freeman
Gratitude is the essence of joy.

Monday, March 16, 2009

New Elder's Quorum President

From: Elder Andrushka Pearce Dated: March 16, 2009

Dear Family

This week first my companion got sick. With high fever and with other pain. Then i found myself sick. So this week was kind of a slow week not doing much. It seems that as we solve a challenge we have 3 more added upon but with more work more blessings.

We were thinking that this week we would have a really low attendance at church. From what happened last week. It was the same we are balancing about 50 normal. We have been focusing a lot on teaching about families and working on our priesthood.

What a look it was this week as our new Elders quorum President came with a white shirt and a tie to bless the sacrament. Not only him but he went visiting and helped the other priesthood come with a white shirts also. I am so thankful for his work it takes some weight off us and helps us focus on making our meetings a little better. We have been putting a lot of focus on our Melchizedek Priesthood and we have 4 and other 5 are preparing. In all we need 9 so we are doing well. We are hoping to teach them really well their duty.

I am so blessed to not have changes as i talked with President he told me are you willing to keep working hard i let him know i am. He has had his heart on this area for becoming a branch soon. We are working hard. WE will be working a lot harder this week.

The mission is great this week i had many opportunities to teach. I have come to love teaching people some times its hard but the more you teach the more you know how to have the spirit with you and not be working about so much what you say or be scared of teaching.

My companion gave a great talk this week about enduring to the end and that we should focus on the Our Savior Jesus Christ.

The other thing i have learned is that when we get something into our hearts its very hard to throw it away. That's why its really important what we put into our minds as it reaches deep in our hearts. I am thankful that i have love for the service of god deep in my heart. I am working hard to become a great force for the work of God.

The owner of the house told me that it is great that we are in the front line fighting with all our might the war of God. I know that the more we study the more we pray the more we pour ear and mind to the spirit of god the faster we reach the hearts of other people our brothers and sister. I am amazed by the vision of life of the servants of God like President Clark and President Fraatz. It opens my vision bigger and helps me to dream to be better and to reach that goal. Love the Lord I love his work. I love you all. Thanks mom and dad for writing to me.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Almost a Branch

From: Elder Andrushka Dated: March 9, 2009

Dear family,

I will finally be ready to send you some of my pictures of what is happening. The camera is not working right now i don't really now why it wont turn on. I was able to get a hold of the camera of my companion. How i love this work. He is the one that dose this work. We are instruments in his hands. This week the most amazing thing that happened is that our largest challenge in the ward came to an end. I was very pleased that it came to an end. I know that the lord guides this work that he made it possible. I have bin praying that we could know how to finish it. All that we did activities everything inviting our leaders to speak about it nothing ended. Then a miracle of Our Heavenly father happened an accident and it bright all down as everyone know is unified and in better working condition.

This week we had our anniversary OF 3 Years in Mateares. We made a video with the help of a reporter that is member of the church. It was very good as the video ended all jumped with joy with applause. The spirit was very strong.

We also had the privilege of having the assistants to the president there they loved it. It has become an area really productive and all have there eyes on the area. Presidente Fraatz as well as Elder Clark. We have sent our papers in and they have bin postponed tell we have 9 Melchizedek Priesthood members that are worthy. We are close we have 5 and 5 more in training.

I have come to love this area. As i expressed my feelings trying to help end the problem i realized how much i have become involved to wanting to bless this people with all my heart. What they all mean for me. How much they care and want to help me also. The more i serve the clearer i see the picture. The Picture of this life which is based on the work of Our Father In Heaven and Our savior Jesus Christ. I hope that i will have many opportunity's to serve.

In this area i have learned many positions and the importance of them. What function they have and why its important. The work goes freater with the bishopric and all there leaders. How i love the lord. He has blessed me so much. I thank him for all that he gives me and trains me and gives me more patience and love to keep giving. This week we helped a brother santos receive priesthood as we transferred his file from the states to here he is ready to serve and help. What a miracle happened. We past by and he was drinking about 3 months a go. We invited him to church thinking he wouldn't even remember tomorrow. The next day he was dressed with his bible in hand at church.

Thinking to our surprise he is not a member talking to him a little more we found out he is a member of the church. He made the choice and left his other life behind and is very firm in the gospel. Goes to church each week and pays his tithing every week. He is one of the members that's the most on time.

Dano y Bienvenidos Carrie a nuestro familia. Dios bendiga su familia para siempre mantener felizes en su camino hasta la Exaltacion. Quidance uno a otro siempre. Espero de conocer muy pronto Carrie. 6 meses y poso mas. Mom the translation was good there was somethings little of being incorrect of order. I understood very well.

About wean i had 14 months on the mission i asked president to extend i will be coming home on month after my date. I would love it if you would come down and get to know some of the greatest families on earth. I still have lots and lots of time. Well i would put it like that because i don't want to think about leaving the mission. The mission is the best place to learn and it capacitates one to be the best in all. To be a great Father To be a great leader. I remember when the bishop told me that i would be learning how to be a better father. It is very true. Seeing so many families here. Giving so many talks (not that many) On families i feel more capable of running a family.

I gave a talk this week on Sunday about i and my house will serve the lord. It went really well as we are trying all as a mission to start more the family prayer scripture reading and family home evening. I let all know about our system as it was and about my mom and dad. The great examples they are for me and many people that i have taught. I can't believe that all are coming home so fast i remember that we just started and now we are finishing. Love you all take care i will sure pray for Amy and Dads business. Elder Pearce