Saturday, June 20, 2009

Life In The New Branch

From: Elder Andrey Pearce Dated: June 15, 2009

Dear family

Well the work keeps moving forward as my english moves farther and farther away. I feel like the time has gone by so fast.

This week we had a great activity with our district which is Nagarote. we went down there to play soccer and to spend some time with the young men. Rudi one of our investigators came with us also Brother Vladimir Estrada also came with us. We brought our flag that the name of the church. We went down there and played about 3 games. 2 we tied and the other we lost by two then we made a team together and we won against the team that was there of people wandering around.

Then we ate together something that's called Quesillios and went up to the Mirador the lookout of nagarote. We spent good time and helped the boys get to know one another. its true we lost and they felt a little bad but we had a great time and learned that some times we loose together. Next time they will come down to Mateare. It's about 40 minutes ride in a bus.

We also had a [Get together] in the get together that we call Noche de Hermanamiento. We play games, have some instruction or counsel on life and watch movies of the church. It went really well as we have been trying to show the people that the church is in Mateare.

We put our flag up on the house of Rudi in his subdivision and many wanted to know what it was. The pastor of Rudi's mom wasn't very happy and came to talk to him to tell him that the church was false and that it was the lowest church he could join. He let him know that he loved the church and that we as members of The church of Jesus Christ don't believe on criticizing others. I have felt like the church is moving very well here.

The young women Presidency went to work this week visiting and had a great activity. The church actually looked like a real church of Jesus Christ. With the new pulpit and the sacrament table. We are trying to work hard on bettering our organization because there is some challenges to start new things and it's time consuming for the people that don't have much time. All the things that the people do here is by hand. wash their clothes or cook by a fire so it's a hard work to take care of the place and have kids have work and have a responsibility.

So we are trying to teach that as we get better in organization we will improve and the time will be better. We made a calendar this weak and also a cleaning role and a talk list so we are getting better and cutting down on our time. I have learned something about the gospel of Jesus Christ. The more we work the more we sacrifice the further moves along the work of God and the more blessings we enjoy later in life.

I had cold this week but i didn't let it get me down. i kept moving along. I officially extended my mission as i went down to the office i talked with president and he finally approved and told me it was OK. He really wanted to send all my group home to study. I was praying hard to know what i should do and felt really strongly that the road i want to walk in my life is to learn and do a little bit more that i can in my mission. I felt like just a little more matters all to my future family and to the people that i will be serving.

I love the lord and i am thankful for revelation that we can receive in our life. I love you all very much and thankful for the letters and the counsel that you give. Thank you Dad for writing each week.

I can't believe how fast the time is going by! almost another month has gone by.

Elder Pearce

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Companion

From: Elder Andrey Pearce Dated: June 9, 2009

Dear Family,

Thank you Mom and Dad for your letters. Well i did get my companion his name is Elder TIRADO he is from Chile. Is the first companion i have had from chile. I think he will be my companion to finish the mission. He is a very good companion he has 14 months on his mission.

Well i have been feeling more and more like my mission is ending they have officially asked for my plans. I really want to extend my mission but President Fraatz wants that i can get home and study. I have been thinking really hard and am waiting for the revelation to know if i should extend or if its time to go home and get on with forming my life.

I am so blessed to be a servent of my Heavenly Father i can't belive the wonderful time that he has given me to work here. Mom they are trying to by my plan ticket it would be good to call them as soon as posible. The other day they called me from office and i told them you will be calling. Please mom as soon as possible so there aren't any problems.

Well this week we had changes i was traveling all week up and down none stop i was very tired from taking bus there back then to my disctrict then to managua then back to my area. Getting back we went to work the members were a little sad because no one was in the area. Also that my companion went home so they were down about that a little bit. We went to work getting to know all the people. My companion got used to the people and the work very fast he has helped me a lot take some weight off my shoulders. He just gets in and helps as he can. We went to work on visiting people this week and had a very good turn out. 64 came to church we are exited and set the goal to keep our attendence at 80 so we will be working really hard.

We found another family that came to church this week and liked it so we are exited to work with them. They have sent the podiam or the pulpit and other things so the house looks a lot like a church. We also have a piano we have been asking all around who plays the piano and we have visited them to invite to church and to convert with the help of the Lord. It reminded me of The Prophet Joseph Smith when he sent some one to go find an arcitectore and bring him to zion.

This sunday i had the great privladge to guide the meeting it went all well. We had some lovely testimonies. Then interviews with the members. All is starting to go very smooth. Then we had a meeting at 4 with all the presidencys it went really well all have desire to work really hard.

Also this week came the Relief Society general president to Nicaragua so our relief
society and young women presidents went to that meeting. They came back with lots of joy and experience to work and to give all that they have. I love the work of the lord. All is well with me i am starting to have more strength to serve. I know that to bring forward more the work there's more to sacrifice and more to work and push. Over all the guidence of the Holy Ghost is realy importent he has bin my Guide as we have had some great desicions to make.

We also have found another spot its the Center of Mateare in front of the central park. On one side there is the alcaldia the center goverment place of mateare. On the other side the catholic church on the other side The central bar of mateare and the other side will be The Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints if its the will of the lord we are all exited because all will know that there is a church in mateare and if for some reason or chance some one wonders in from the catholic church the better it is. I love this work and hope and pray that i will keep giving all i have to this work that i will live to the best maner that i can to honor my call and to represent The Savior Jesus Christ and be His Example to all.

Love you all take care and Mom i hope you enjoy the camp out. Dad i hope that the end comes soon to the struggles.

Elder Pearce