Monday, November 10, 2008

Working, Teaching, Baptizing

Working Hard and More Teaching and Baptizing

From: Elder Andrushka Dated: 11.10.08

Dear Family
It sounds like all is going well. What a family we have there is never a doll moment. It sounds like all is as normal. Evryone working hard to make things hapen the best. What a great mom and dad we have that are great examples and work to have all the most perfect in our lives. This was a great week as we helped two more enter the waters of baptisim. I realised this week that my english is getting realy bad i dont know if to worry about it or to just keep going. I think i will start reading my scriptures in english. Well last week was A sisiter named Julissa that has 22 years old and is a wife of a member. This week Is a mom of another member that we have worked for a 2 months about Sister Leda Ortega. Other is a son of a family that are all members that got baptized in 2000 and inactivated promtly after we activated the family and he got Baptized Luis Ortega but no relation to Leda Ortega. How hard we worked this week i feal like my mind my hart my evrything feals realy tired. I hope that this day i will find some rest. I am exited to go back to work and give it all i have. I feal like my spiritual strength is growing. I cant imagen the aposltel that work all there lifes what strength they have. I am more greatful for the prophet and apostles bishops and all that serve the lord what strength it takes. We finished our paper this week i will try to send a copy of it to you guys if i can. I am sorry that i havent send a picture of my self. I hope that i can next week. For the rulls i can not reaturn inles i ask special permision to do so. How i love evryone of you. Send my congratulations to nick and crystal let them know how proud i am of them. Let Crystal now i am honered to have her as my sister in law and that i hope that she will take care of my brother. Let nick know i love him and that he will make sure that crystal will reaturne to the presence of our heavenly father. Love evry one of you and thanks for all. Mom no i havent goten the packedge. Thank you for sending them to me i will let you know if i got them. Loves Elder Pearce

Becoming a Ward!!!

From: Elder Andrushka Dated: 11.03.08

Well Dear Family
This week we pushed realy hard to reach our goals. this week we also had a baptisim and it was a very spiritual. I have seen the meetings that we have to get better and better. From each one we get more and more experiance. How i love the mission and all the experiance i have had. THis week we came up with the idea of monthly paper for nindiri of the church and we are working on desinging it. The branch we just got the word that it is going to made a ward and that they are starting the proses of building the chapel they have the land. So we are looking in about 6 months this branch has grown so much. As we grow there comes new chalenges. How i love chalenges because that means more work and more succes and more growth. I love serving here i hope with all my hart that it is the will of the lord that i may serve here 6 more months to see the chapel go up. THis change we have worked realy hard with the members. You could see the spiritual change in the meatings. You could see the revrence during the sacrament. How i love the work of the lord. I pray and hope that i will grow more and that i will be able to help more poeple. Heavenly Father has pout so much confidence in me. Lets see what els hapend this week. We had a chaleng in the church in elders chorum. We had a special meating after and talked things out. As the work progreses the enemy pouts his couple sentences in as he can. May we all keep pushing forward in this work of the lord. May we never set our sword down. May we keep it sharp and ready at all times. With all love Elder PearceT he work go´s on.

Working to Become a Ward

From: Elder Andrushka Dated: 10.27.08

Dear family
well i dont have much time to write this week. We have bin working realy hard and had a great succes. Santos who had 82 years old got baptized last week. This week we have another baptisim. We are working realy hard on all little by little we have reached almost our goal were we would like to be. I know that this week we will work harder and reach more. The atendance this week reached 105. The ward is starting to work and c ome together. I think that we arnt that far away to become a ward. The church has the land they are just waitig that we reach a goal of 30 elderes to start the church i hope that i am here to see that church go up. The people here have bin waiting a while to see the church. Love this work i love the lord and hope that all is well mom i will send a picture next week. Love you all

Shining Shoes

From: Elder Andrushka Dated: 10.20.08

Thank you for your letter Dad.
Dear Family well this week i have learnd alot as always you see whean you have more presure if you realy have become a better person and a better missionary the lord ask us to do the work with a chearful hart. This week we had the chance to go to the market and to shine peoples shews and to ask for refrence. It was a realy good experiance that we did as a zone the poeple came to realize that we practice what we teach as we were humbled to bring about this work and the poeple were humbled also they at first thaught we were trying to get somthing but it was awsome experiance. My camera is full but i will send some pics all that i have. I only have of the other activity that we did. We worked realy hard this week. I feal joyfull to see the result of our work. THis week we filed our rented chapel full that there wasent anyamore room. What a joy it was as 96 or so asisted the church i love this little town with all my hart. We have pout a project in to action and hoping that it will double the asistencia i dont have much time to epxlain the plan. We devided Nindiri in 11 sectore. Each sectore we called al lider and he has a team of 5 people or so. They are 2 with pristhood and 2 of sociedad de socoro. Evryone is realy exited to work with this plan as we spent some time working with branch president and chorum president to get this plan going. We as missionarys will be helping suprevise this work. Its to help retain our efert. Love this work and i am exited for the next week. We had a baptism he has 88 years old and he is just needs to go to church one more tim e he has 2 in the church and he needs 3 to baptize some one. The reason he cant go to church is that he has bad health.This week we will try to get permission from the president to baptize him. Also found two new familys i will let you know how thats going next week. Love you all. Be ye all strong in doing good and keeping the commandments.
Love Elder Pearce


From: Elder Andrushka Pearce Dated: 10.13.08

Dear Family
Well lets see what hapend this week. We had a very good turne out on our mutual night for the whole ward. We also got to help a family get merried and it was a very lovely time. I got to learn a little how to decorate and plan for a weding. I remember at the end i gave a little advice and i could give an example of my lovely mom and dad. Also this week we had a meating with the stake were all the missionarys got to teach all the bishops counsler and all about Preach my Gospel and it went realy well. It amazed me how much experiance we have with preach my gospel. Not only we read it i could see how we live. I got to teach about camitment and i got to learn realy well about camitment. THis week has gone realy fast we are working realy hard. THis week we have a 81 year old brother he lives with his son who is mamber. He is very faithful do to not having much strength to go to church he has walked and sacrificed to go. I have come to realize that the spirit dose the work we live worthy to fallow the spirit and to be in the presence of him. I HAD SOME mericles hapen this week as we got on a bus a brother told me he has bin looking for me. He said elder pearce i have bin looking for you to prepare my wife to get baptized he told me in english. We started talking and i found out he is from nicaragua he lived in maiami and that he has served a mission and has 41 years. I could feal the spirit tell me and testify that i have seen him before and that i was ment to be in this area at this time to help him and his wife. I love this work i love seaing mericles. I will let you know what els hapends. Oh another quick mericle. In nicaragua there is a lot of home shops. They sell candy and lots of stuf. We past by one and my companion baught a loly pop one for him one for our mission lider and one for me. As he gave me mine i felt like i shouldent eat it and that some one needed one. It was amazing because the spirit was clear what he wanted. I could feal like some one needed it so i pout it in my pocket and kept on walking. At the same time looking in the streets like who needs this. I pased by some small children nothing. Then we past by a les active person and a little boy steped out with a black eye. We asked what hapend and found out he has some sicknes in his eye. I then new that it was for him. The spirit is clear if we are prepared to recive it. This week we also got to have a zone confrence in wich presindent Fraatz talking about repentance i love the talks about repentance that he gives they are realy clear and motivate to do better giving up not only the big things that you do but also the little things that you dont do and do. Love this work love evry single one of you keep up writing. Elder Pearce

uno mas año

From: Elder Andrushka Pearce Dated: 10.06.08

Dear Family
The time is just pasing by like a rushing river. We got in this are and started to work hard we had a mutual with all the members. We watched legasy and talked about sacrifice it went well as the branch president caught our vission and is ready to help and work hard. We are starting a project were we can help with home teaching feloshiping and retaning new converts i am exited to work on it. We had a set back this week thinking that i could do it with out the lords help. I had to be humbled and ready to work harder this week. We have had many meatings with the branch president and our mission leader and the elders chorum president. They are starting to catch the vission of what we are doing. We had a baptisim this week in a old church baptisimal font as we cleanded it out it lookes like a swiming pool it was a great experiance. I have come to love this are i know that there is so much work to do. Also this week we went to the market with all the missionarys and started singing to get atention of all then as we had a box we one by one got up on the box to share with all the message. Not many stoped by to leasten we gave away pamphlets and it was a great experiance to get up and loose the fear in the work and share with peopel why we are here as misisonarys. I loved standing up and sharing with all a desire to come closer to our Savior Jesus Christ i know this is the work of the lord it moves and will be sounded in evry ear. The work is growing here. Our mission president has a very big vission. I am so glad to be here and to be part of this work. The best part as you loose your slef in the work you come to find awnsers to what is measing and what needs to corected in your life. Congrats nick and crystal i love you dearly and will next week send pictures. oh all my family is going to be together. Know dearly how much i love each one of you. Loves Elder Pearce