Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Miracle Growth!

From: Elder Andrushka Dated: January 6th, 2008

Dear family i am so thank full for you all.
I am thankfull for all that i have to serve. This week we had a new years eve party with all the members. We had talents then we ate food and did a piƱanta for kids and a game for people that are older. It went very well. The members are very animated in this area. We talked about our goals and what we want to reach as a ward. They Were realy exited and full of energy to help us out. The mericle continous this week the members got up at 4:00 in the morning some of them to come to sing to my companion because it was his birthday. As they got to the house they were thinking we were a sleep and started to throw things at our window as we watched them pass us by. Because we wake up and go shower away from the house because there isnt any shower in the house. So we walked up behind them they just looked at us and didnt know who it was and kept on singing. Then they all turned around with a little suprise to see us watching them singing. IT went realy well. Then we all went out in the streets enviting all to church. The member worked realy hard. One sister went asking forgivnes of members that she had done. It realy touched my hart to see this sister to take the advice that we left with her. With all the work of the members we hace reached the goal of our president of the mission. 62 as we all went out side to take the picture. We had to bless the sacrament twise and sit poeple down on the stairs. We have 40 seats and 62 came to church. The members were over welmed to see us reach this goal. i know its a mericle of god that this little unit is growing so fast. This week i had a chance to interview 2 prists and a deacon as his dad confirmed him deacon. His last son. This father is a potential to become a stake president we all make coments that he will be the branch president and always encouredg to read his scriptures the mission presidnet left a triple with him. SO hi could study. I had a great talk with him as we drove to talk to the branch president that lives 45 minutes away. we had a great talk and he signed the ordination that we did. I have bin a little overwhelmed with all the work. We have 17 investigatores that have gone to church so we are seing how we are going to organize it all to get going. Almost each day of the week we have a meating of some kind. I have learnd that working with members and helping them grow has bin the sweatest experiance of my mission. The members are the key of the mission work as they get going the work starts to have mericles. In a meating that we had one of the sisters told us that the jehova wtneses just purchased land to start building there church. That motivated them to help the church of our savior to be part of this work. This week we got to know the area and its big we have bery touched the area to the mission work. They have a realy big potential. I love the work i love the lord. I am growing so fast. I feal realy overwhelmed with the love of my heavenly father with the great apertunity he has given me. He has confidence in me that i will do his work. I love you all. COngrates mom on setting goals and starting to reach them. Well Dad as always is getting so much done. Let Emily know i love her i will be praying for her. Elder PEarce

Monday, January 5, 2009

Fwd: 1/5/09

The latest from Elder Courtright.



This was an awesome week as far as spiritual experiences go. i dont have any funny or weird things happen but still a great week.

We spent the week preparing for Matt Fowles's baptism. he is a 10 year old kid with an amazing spirit. i love him. We talked with alot of people on the days before it and many of them came. Half of his primary class came and that was really good. we also had a less active guy and his family and a lady who is an excommunicated member and her daughter there. they are all amazing people who are trying to put their lives back together. The baptism itself was amazing. Matt is one of the smartest kids when it comes to his knowledge of the gospel.

Sunday we also had a great day. The Bishop in the ward is sorta unwilling to work with us for some reason. We dont know why but we have been doing everything we can to make him see that we are working hard. Sunday was a great day in that reguard. There was a lady who bore her testimony and talked about Matt. Her son told her "Mom, i know he reads the scriptures" because of how smart he is. Then she talked about the +1 lessons we are doing with the ward where we teach a short spiritual thought and then set missionary goals with them. She talked about how she didnt really have any friends outside the church but that this program is really helping her meet new people and such. It was awesome! it was just the boost we needed cause that was where the Bishop was most stand off with us. He didnt want to have any part in missionary work but i think that it will be a real eye opener for him when he sees how well the program works. We then had several other "important" people talk about how we had blessed their families. it was awesome!

Earlier in the week we had a member ask us if we could help a lady move into a trailer down the street from his. We did and spent a rediculous about of time doing it. it took almost all day but it was well worth it. The lady said that once she is more settled she will have more time to talk with us. Bro. Jones, who is the one who lives down the street, will be keeping contact with her and will let us know when she is ready. we are excited

Overall everything is going well. I figured out recently (like a month ago) that the sun in Cheyenne is broken. Literally it has no effect on the weather here. Earlier in the week it hit a high of 50 for several days and it was sunny and cloudy. However yesterday it hit a high of 12 and that was after the sun went down. Yesterday it was also very bright which just increases my knowledge that the sun is broken. Grr!

Well, if there is anything that you guys need let me know.

Hannahs -- i am super excited about your letters, i patiently await them. i can only be patient for so long though...so make it quick. jk!

Leila -- i love your letters ;)

Penny Freeman
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