Monday, November 24, 2008

Life in Nicaragua, Wonderful Family

From: Elder Andrushka Date: November 24, 2008

Dear family.

Well dad asked me to let you know about the travels and food and all that kind of stuf so i am going to start letting you know some what about nicaragua. Well travels is by taxi evry where or busses. As taxis cost alot we travel by busses. The Buses fill up so much that you dont have room to move and sometimes leave the bus. The food here is rise with beans whats called gayo pinto. They like fryed chees that is the most tipcle food. There is alot of cocunut and bananas and lots of difrent froot. We eat alot of fruits. The people are more humble here and get by what they have. IT is normal to just start a fire and walk away and leav it burning. There are other parts were we walking realy long were its contry and the poeple are realy humble in this parts. Ah there is also three wheelers its like carissas bike but two wheels in front one in back and they give you a ride and charge you mony. Um what els. Over all it seams normal to me and like its my home. this week we had our prayer awnsered as we are working with family Sanches and its second time that they have gone to church. So we will be setting a date to get baptized. .They are understanding evrything realy well. The other day we taught them plan of salvation and the mom was so exited to learn that she tooke out a notebook to take notes. The daughter remindes me of Lydia a bit. We asked her after teaching the plan of salvation and was it nessesary for adam to eat the fruite and she said yes if he didnt we coudlen exist. There are realy prepared and chosen. So i will back up a little and let you know how we found them. We have a part in our area that is far a way we take the bus there to teach. We know that the missionarys have tried many times to start a branch there. Having sacrament there and atendece but all the members there are realy young in age. So we got there and thouaght Elder Garza and I. If we want to help here we need to find a realy good family. So we walked and found a house were only the mom came to the door she was intrusted and here husband came home at the same time as we were talking he let us in and we taught about the ward of wisdome. Wich led to asking for coffe and taking in away from there house. Familia Sanches. They are very prepared by Our Heavenly Father. Well another great news is that the stake President came to our ward and the greatest part is that we had a great atendance. Wich made me realy happy that the stake president could see the progres there is so much more to do. Ah we had a elders chorum meating and we had so many people there that we could not fit in the room what change we can see. That is only doing little changes not the greatest. We had a bonfire as a branch last week as i learn how to cut treas down with an axe. Also how to work on the field. It was great getting ready. It brought lots of unity the atendence was 75 wich is great for a ward here. This branch is progresing but much to be done. I hope that i will send good amount of time in this area. Love the poeple here love the members. I have come to know them and there chalenges and disires. Thanks for all that you do for me. Oh this week i also had a great study session learning about the atonement and how its posible. It has awsnerd alot of my questions of how and whys. I love the mission and feal proud to suffer some times for such a great cause. That its rewarding but it costs to have succes. LOVE YOU ALL.