Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Marvelous Work and a Wonder

From Elder Paul Freeman, dated August 27, 2008
Note: Elder Freeman's birthday was August 26, 2008

Dear Mom,

What fantastic things you've been up to! I so appreciate everything you've done. I'm very impressed with the website and thank you for all the neat video clips. Unfortunately, the computers at the library don't have speakers and missionaries don't have headphones, so I'll have to figure out something.

But, I want to let you know that I have re-applied for BYU in Provo and Idaho. I was super excited to find that they still had my application from 2005 when I first applied. All I had to do was long on with my user name, after calling for help with my forgotten password, then I found all the information was there from 3 years ago. I only changed a few things, the ones that have to do with serving a mission, and revamped my essay. They still had my ACT score and my high school transcript.

The only thing that was no longer valid was the ecclesiastical endorsement. So I printed off the form and sent it to President Sanchez. Hopefully he will send a positive endorsement :) . The deadline for applying for winter semester in January is October 1st.

Exciting still was the 30$ I payed last time to process the application is still good. I thought about taking a shot at Hawaii, but just decided not to. You were absolutely right on the family blog when you said I change my mind with my socks. But, there are a lot of things that are drawing me to BYU and really only one thing keeping me back and that's finances. However, I'll continue to pray about it, and if BYU is the place for me I won't worry to much about money. I don't want to be impoverished, but I know that money isn't everything. I'm not even sure what I want to study.

Anyway, that stuff will all work itself out in time. It's more difficult than I thought putting it to the back of my mind. The last thing I want is to lose focus this last transfer and bum out like so many others. One of our roommates complimented me on my lack of "trunkiness" and now I feel frustrated because 1) he spoke too soon and 2) now I have to live up to that :) . But seriously, there is so much to enjoy while still engaged in this work.

Thank you for sending the package. No, I haven't received it yet but yes, I just barely got a CD player from a garage sale for 5$. And my companion can't wait to send me home so he can have all my stuff.

Thanks again for everything mom, you're the greatest.


Elder Freeman

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I Know Heavenly Father Loves Me!

From Elder Andrey Pearce Dated: August 25, 2008

It’s been a treat to read the letters from Mom and Dad. This week has been really hard as we worked super hard. I feel like some times on the mission my faith is tried and if we pass, we gain a stronger testimony. We pushed hard this week to accomplish our goals and hope to see the progress in the future.

Dad, I started my mission 22 de Agosto. I think I am starting to learn how to be better in Spanish than English. I was thinking the other day it’s easier to write.

This week we found a lot of new converts and we had conference which was very well done and spiritual.

The other day I had an experience that led me to understand that my Heavenly Father loves me so much. So, we are walking to our appointment to eat. We are just tired, the rain is coming down and we don’t have anything to cover us. I really didn’t want to get my shoes wet. As the street are like rivers, I am jumping around, dodging the puddles. I come to one part that I have no where to go. So I start thinking, “What am I going to do?” I walked back and forth for awhile. It’s dark, I am looking for rocks to cross and nothing. At the moment that I was about to jump, up rides a man on a bicycle and tells me to jump on, so I did and he passed me through the water without getting wet. I jumped off and thanked him. He drove off and I didn’t know if he was a member or not.

I just remember what he looks like. I was thinking at that moment what love my Heavenly Father has for me, that He provided a way for me to cross the waters.

We are still working with the Munoz family but they’re having a hard time. They don’t want to change their Catholic beliefs so we are going to meditate a lot this week to see what we can do for them.

This week we had another Mutual with members. We talked about unity and it went very well.

I love this mission and all the opportunities that I have to serve, to learn and to give of myself. I hope this next year that I can give more and do better.

I was thinking the other day, when we first start out mission, we just jump in and start swinging our sword but not really hitting anything, just making noise. Then as we gain experience we sharpen our sword and with every blow we make a difference having strategy how we battle. I know this is the work of God. I love my Savior and hope to come to know him better and shape my life after Him.

Elder Pearce