Thursday, May 14, 2009

Exciting Missionary Work

From: Elder Andrushka Pearce Dated: 05.11.09

Dear Family

what a great energy boost it was to talk to my dear family. I felt i was right at home. I could just picture everyone around the table in dads office. Then i was a little sad because i couldn't finish the call. The phone ran out of batteries. Well i would have loved to tell mom how much i loved her and appreciated all the time that she put into my life. The love the care that she for so many years showed me. Love you mom. I love reading the letters of my family and knowing more about all of you. I do have to confess that my English is struggling but my Spanish is getting better and better.

THis week as i went down to Nagarote i had the chance to meet a leader of another church and we went right into teaching him about the priesthood power and what function it has in the Lords church. Then the sisters called me and told me he will be going to church and he wants to tell his whole congregation that he has found the church more organized and that it is the church of the Savior. Well he didn't end up going but we will sure give him a follow up to encourage him i am sure the other members were quick to desanimate him.

We also have officially become a branch. I am very blessed that the Lord has been behind all that we do. There is a lot of work to be done here. Well the meeting went well i gave a talk on missionary work with a little bit of pushing emotion that all could get involved in the mission work. We will have to see how all goes.

Talking to my family really made me think a lot about home and what i am going to do. I look forward to it. I look forward to another adventure filled with the Savior and the Holy Ghost guiding my decisions and my actions.

Love you all with all my heart. I hope all the very best. Hope all are reading there scriptures and looking for their Husbands. Amy, Emily, Andrea.

Elder Pearce