Thursday, April 16, 2009

Strong New Leaders; Thoughts on Carissa and a Bit Trunky

From: Elder Andrushka Pearce Dated: 04.13.09

Dear family

The letters rushed a sense of memories from last year about a lot that really has happened. It strengthens me to know that i passed those moments and that the gospel of Jesus Christ made me feel at ease with it. I love Carissa and know that i will see her one day. In the celestial kingdom.

Well as always there is a lot that happens. This week we had our first meeting in the new house. It was a little rough with the little room that we had and not much air that passed through. So for next week we will have to see how to over come this challenge.

We baptized three. A son of our convert that turned 8 years. Fransisco who we found thinking he is member but he wasn't. we set a goal and he reached all his goals. It reminds me when we came to do an interview for him with our leaders we found him studying on the table he had the book of Mormon the pamphlet we left him a dictionary of theory and a bible. He worked hard to reach his goals filling out the pamphlets that we would leave with him. He has 51 years. Another great leader one day.

Also we had a great joy helping a father of a family that we have been working for time to reach his goal. He left drinking coffee and maybe not because he understood but because he knew it was necessary. He is another prospect of a leader. I am so happy for this area because really the Lord has blessed this area. We also had a pool party as we didn't enter the pool but our quorum of Elders made sure we would be drenched without entering water. I will try to send some pictures about it.

Then after the pool party with surprise visit of president Fraatz and His assistant that gave as notice of two minutes came by to see the house that we have rented and gave as a interview personal. He was very happy for the work that we have been doing here. He gave me lots of great council. I have come to have lots of respect for President Fraatz and what he has done for this mission. He is a very big example for me in my life to be firm and to bring the spirit to do the work of the Lord just like he would like us. If we make mistakes we repent and do the best we can. My stress is coming down and i am feeling greater because lots of my stress is coming to resolve. Pres told me this is His work and to have confidence in Him that he will help and that its not all on me.

I love the experience that i have had here. How i love this area and all the people here. Sunday we had a meeting with the elders we were all together 8 we studied the history of The Prophet Joseph Smith and the history of the church. It was a great 2 hour meeting and then they wanted to make a plan to visit the members and work to return the lost members back to church. I think the spirit touched their hearts and the joy to move forward and work hard in this work. So we were there tell 6:30 talking and planning i could see the future and was happy for this ward. They have grown so much in little time.

President in my interview asked me and what would you like to do. I meditated for 2 minutes and told him i would love to keep going in this area. I hope that i could stay here for the next change i will let you know in a week and a half how it went. I know that there is a lot of pressure but i love it here and know that i am progressing and He is blessing me to learn and gain a stronger testimony.

I love you all I can't believe how fast the time is going by. I Can't believe that Mike got home. It made me really trunky thinking when i will get home. Ooooh in half a year. Be strong and true the Gospel of Our Savior Jesus Christ. Elder Pearce

Monday, April 13, 2009

Fwd: 4.13.09

The latest from Elder Matt.

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From: Matthew Courtright
Date: Mon, Apr 13, 2009 at 11:54 AM
Subject: 4.13.09

HAPPY END OF LENT! <--- on monday
     no go party hard

Hey all.

How are things with yall? thanks for all those who consistently write me on a weekly basis whether in email or mail. i love them all.

Well transfers are today and in case you are wondering i am staying right here in arvada. i have mixed emotions about it but mostly happy! i will explain in a bit.

On saturday, we had the baptism of shane howard.
Shane is a Iraq war veteran who had half of his face blown off, suffers from ptsd and was heavy into drinking and drugs for awhile. However, he has truly changed fromt he man he used to be. Before we taught him the first lesson, he had read the 1st book for Nephi and by the time he was baptized he was half way through alma. it was incredible. He is married but his wife is an alcoholic so he moved out into a friends BACKYARD! he gives all of his money to his wife to help support the kids. the baptism itself was teh most spiritual baptism i have ever seen.

Now for the mixed emotions. I am not sure how much i should talk about this, but i need a stress relief so...hi. my companion, elder caillier, hasnt been the most hard working guy on the planet. in fact, president put me with him to teach him how to work. (thats a quote from president). after we had taught a couple lessons, i realized that he didnt know how or what to teach in the missionary lessons. that was a shocker to me. He has been out 20 months and had no idea..that was a hard pill to swallow. So for the past 2 weeks i have had my patience tried and i think for the most part i am doing pretty good. We are still on lesson 1 because he forgets so much over night, but this is a true test of my patience and teaching skills. i have never had to teach someone how to teach. its a very different thing but i think if you saw me work, you would be throughly amazed.

Also on saturday we did a "missionary for a day" thing with the youth in a neighboring stake. we got to take a young man, Braedy, age 14, out with us to teach. the appts. were already set up, but that was okay. we taught a psuedo active guy about faith, repentence, baptism, receiving the gift of the holy ghost, and enduring to the end. then we took him tracting. he was scared but he did pretty good overall. the street we were asked to tract was tracted literally 2 days before and the 1st house was a house where members lived. it was mostly lame, but fun too.

well, overall things are great. if you have written a letter recently, i got  it but havent responded because i am slow and busy. my bad. i am working on it though. i have alot on my plate that i shouldnt have.....

love yall,
Elder Courtright

Penny Freeman
Gratitude is the essence of joy.