Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Little Child Shall Lead Them

From: Elder Andrushka Pearce Dated: March 23, 2009

Dear Family

this week i reached 19 months on my mission. I cant believe that i am coming to an end. I look at it all that i have 6 months more to give it all i have. To be honest i hope that my system holds up on pushing as hard i am pushing to help.

This week Vladimir got better from Varisela and we got back to work with him visiting his friends. We had another baptism a sister of Vladimir. Her name is Yaoska and she has a cute little daughter of 3 years old. She was a huge help for us on helping baptize. The first time we came by to talk to her she didn't really want much or to talk to us we only got in 5 or 10 wards making an invitation. Then each time we came back inviting little by little to church. We came by one day and invited the daughter and she went of telling her mom. I want to go to church so she went to church. There are only a few more left in this family to be the whole family members. It was a lovely baptism and i know that the lord is blessing us a lot.

I had a chance to give a talk this Sunday and it went well i could feel the spirit helping me give the talk. Do to all that needs to be done i wanted to give a talk on Sabbath day. as i stood up to give a talk a whole other theme came out and it was a very good talk on fallowing our savior Jesus Christ through all. To be willing to give your life for his name sake. Then also inviting all to give all to the work of the lord and not hold anything back.

Then we had a classes and since we called a teacher we can supervise and have a little less of stress. So i got to be a little part of primary and watch out for little once. Then we divided for Priesthood. We taught how to tie ties and it was a great class. Teaching the importance of white shirt and a tie to be ready to serve the Lord Sundays. We also confirmed 3 more to the Melchizedek Priesthood. SO we are with 7 we need 9 to send our papers in to become a branch.

We are very exited to keep pushing forward this work. We have two more in mind to help become we are hoping in two weeks to be ready. We have made a DVD to send also and the papers with the goals completed as there were giving to us. We also this week found a new house to move into next week. We are very exited because we have found a lower price and a very nice house with a swimming pool to baptize here in Mateares making it more part of our ward to participate in baptisms. Write now we have to go far and pay to travel for every baptism. I have seen the Hand of the Lord in this work as he helps us to make the work more efficient. How i love this work.

Walking to the District meeting today i heard my name as a convert that i help baptize shouted my name. At first i was a little scared because the man was dressed with a guard uniform with a pistol and everything. We talked for a little while and i let him know that with my mom and dad we will be passing by. I love this work. How i wish i could have more to give it. Well Better then wishing is preparing for the feature to be the best i can be. This is the True Church. I know it by the Holy Ghost. Elder Pearce I love you all and hope all is well.

Oh That I Were An Angel

From: Elder Andrushka Pearce Dated: March 30, 2009

Dear family

This week was one of the hardest weeks. There are some good news and some hard ones. Lets start out with the good news. This week we got another Melchizedek priesthood holder and president told us that was enough he invited us to his office. To deliver the DVD that we made. Then to our surprise he invited us to go out to eat with his wife. It was a great blessing as we went out to a restaurant very nice and i hardly even new how to eat. He thanked us for our work and let us know that he will be sending the papers in. What a blessing it is to me to know that we are growing here.

Vladimir this week gave a talk and it was a very good talk about the mission work it really animated many to go out and work. He has been spending a lot of time with us working. We also had the opportunity to go down to a stake meeting in another stake as we did divisions and brother Vladimir went with me in representation of our ward he did really well. How i love the lord and the opportunity that he is giving to me.

I love this work. This week i was very stressed out and i think i have come to my limit and my nerves were sick i have never felt so tens. So i had a great talk with the president as he gave me a lot of tips on how to work and give the rest work and depend on the lord not just on my strength. I have so much more to over come but i am so happy and joyful to jump in and do all can do. I have bin making comments for a while that my goal is come home crazy and i think i am very close to being there.

SO this week i got a massager for my back and i am taking time resting my mind and taking vitamins i have never felt so at the end of my strength. i am thankful for this opportunity i hope that i can relax a bit because if i don't i think i will be changed and i don't really want to live this area yet.

Some of the stress that i have had is getting done we are moving house we have finished our contract we came to the terms that we both like on the house. We are trying to keep our room at the other house and just rent the house as a church will see how that goes. As we finished church many members walked out saying good by to the house i know going to the next house is going to be a great experience.

how i love the lord and know that he guides his people. How i wish i had more strength. AS Alma once said only if i were an angle and had the desires of my heart. Not to proudful but to be stronger to push this work along. I love you all.

Mom don't worry about it. I had a great interview with the president he gave me a lovely blessing that helped me know much that i need to do and i need to give my worry to the lord he is bound wean we do what he says. I love you all take care.

Let mike now that i will be home shortly. Mom let bj know that i can not write to him being on my mission. It became a new rull not to long a go. So i will be respecting the rull. So he is not afended that i am not writing to him.

Mom If you could also let Brooke know that i am doing well and that she only has 6 more months to wait. i have not bin able to send that many letters to her. If you could do such a favor for me.

Elder Pearce

Monday, March 30, 2009

Re: 3.30.09

On Mon, Mar 30, 2009 at 11:56 AM, Matthew Courtright  wrote:
hey all,
Well, this week was definately out of the ordinary. The first half was pretty uneventful. However, thursday we had a massive snow storm bust in on us. Blizzard conditions. When we woke up at 6:30 there was a light dusting and by the time i got out of the shower (i think i took the second shower) at 7:35 there was 3 inches or more on the ground. That is alot of snow, really fast. it snowed for 12 hours straight. it was bad. We had district meeting though. WHen that was over, we literally had to shovel the car out of the parking lot. it was awesome. we spent the day with a member driving to different peoples houses and removing snow from their sidewalks and driveways. i think we did 8 people so i am pretty good now. We did 2 people who werent members and didnt want to talk about Jesus so they gave us 20 bucks each to go away. I made dinner with that (chicken tacos...yum). We also did lots of old people. it was pretty amazing to me cause i had never been in weather conditions anywhere near as bad. It was fun too because my hair was wet from the snow and then everytime we got out of the car, my hair would literally freeze. That was a first. The rest of the week kinda revolved around the snow. cleaning up after it, making sure old people werent dead. that kind of thing. It snowed this morning as weel but not nearly the same. maybe half an inch at best. however, because of the snow...things look greener. yeah!

On a side note, i heard that Josh Johnson and Lindsey Shurtliff got their mission calls. where to? anyone know?

well, unfortunately the world wont stop spinning and time doesnt stop so i gotta take off. I wish i had some amazing theoritical thing that i could throw at you that would make you think twice about life. I dont have anything though. I did read Alma 5 this week and realized that i suck at life alot of times. (thats the chapter where alma makes the people of zarahemla evalutate themselves with lots of questions.) Question: did you know that families can be together forever?

Love ya,
Elder Matt Courtright

Penny Freeman
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