Monday, February 23, 2009

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On Mon, Feb 23, 2009 at 2:14 PM, Matthew Courtright  wrote:
Well, i wish i could say that i had the most productive week ever, but unfortunately, i cant. Elder Walker, one of my companions, was sick from wednesday until saturday and he still isnt perfect. He was really tired, week, dizzy and light headed. The best part though is that he was delusional. He was out his mind crazy. What did Elder Paull and I do to pass the time? We played Texas Hold 'Em for push ups, sit ups, lunges, jumping jacks, etc. I worked out alot this week and it felt good. I did over 300 push ups, sit ups and jumping jacks, in 1 day. Good stuff. I definately enjoyed being sore for the days to follow.
ON sunday we have 2 people getting baptized. Mark Minigell who we have been waiting for like a month to baptize and Jerry Bennett who just last week stopped smoking after smoking for 60 years. Thats right, she's ancient. We are super excited for both of them.
Working in 2 wards, having a 3-some, and having a sick companion definately hasnt been the best thing of my life, but next monday all that changes. We are anxious for saturday night to see what is gonna happen. There is definately gonna be a huge shake up for us. One of our zone leaders goes home, some of the missionaries in Cheyenne have been here for 8 months or more, and then there are the 3 of us. Anything could happen. Literally. But mostly i am worried about making it through the next week. It could definately be a long week. Dont really feel the need to explain it though.
Well, sadly thats all i got for y'all. I gave a talk on sunday in one of the wards and talked about going to Vidor, Tx after hurricane Rita. I said some things that only someone who lived or had been to Vidor would know that i was insulting Vidor. I assumed no one in the ward knew where Vidor was. I was definately wrong. A guy came up to me and asked me how i liked Vidor. He said that his sister just moved from there after living there for like 25 years. I laughed, but he agreed, once you go to Vidor, you can never leave. :) and you marry your cousin....

That's all folks
--Elder Matt Courtright

Penny Freeman
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School of the Elders

From Elder Andrushka Pearce Dated: February 23, 2009

Dear family

well the work keeps moving forward and there are more and more members here and more and mre mericles.

this week a family of 4 got merried a mom dad and there kids it was a refrence of Vladimir and he helped us to baptize them. He has bin working alot with us and helping out. He has bin looking for familys to teach and then makes and apointment for us.

I love working here. THis week we mostly worked hard to prepare this family to be members and to work out the chalenges. THis week for our meating i invited two priesthood members to sit with me up front and start teaching them the order of things. At first they were a bit scared to be up there and do something tell i expland they wont be doing anything yet this week. So it was a great experiance teaching them the order and somethings that are taken care by the bishoprick.

The membership of our church is about 80 members now and each week we are at 50 to 60 members. THis sunday we had 59 it was a great turne out and you could feel the spirit well with so many priesthood ready to serve and help. THe mearing went well. We invited a missionary thats our zone lider to come and give a talk about gosip and it went well you could feal the desire of the members to change.

We have formed school of the elderes to start teaching melkhesedek priesthood. We have 13 of age to recive this priesthood that is trumendous for a branch and we are not yet iven a branch. President was very happy about that.

Well the work goes one i dont have much to say. I feal a bit sick but dont worry its nothing to worry about. I will have to ask for a blessing from my companion and take care of my self more. Love the responsebility that the lord has given me to be here and to work and to do all that i can. May the lord bless you all in the eforts that he has called each one of you. I love you all dearly.

Elder Pearce

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Vladimir Gets Baptized

From: Elder Andrushka Pearce Dated: February 16, 2009

Dear family

Truly love giving all i have to the mission. The more you give the more you see your weekneses and the better you can over come them.

This week we had 3 most wonderful baptizims. We went to visit the son of Vladimir in the Hospital talkind to him a while. He is a very good person and i know that the lord has prepared him to help serve here in this area. He has bin wanting to go to the states to make some mony to send to his family. As we were visiting him. He told us he wanted to get baptized but he couldent live his son in the hospital. We let him know we are ready whean ever he says he is ready to fallow this big step.

Then we went home on thirsday he called saing that he and his son were released and they are home. He said he wanted to talk to us as we got there. We talked to his wife and he told us that this saturday he wanted to get baptized and his daughter also. So that was the best news. The third is his sister that we merried also that was strugiling a little bit. The day of his baptizim she said she was at work and decided to get on line to read the book of mormon as she got on line some fealing came over her that she should get baptized also. She said she called her husband and told him she was going to get baptized.

THe whole pueblo new it and we were the last once to find out. It was a very good news for us. This little branch is growing realy well. I have bin anxously waiting for Vladimir take this step. He is latino but he has done a lote of studing in other places. This sunday as we got all ready to start the meating we were short on priesthood so then at the start of the meating as we started with a song and a prayer we confirmed him and ordainded him to the ofice of a pristhood in the Aronic Priesthood. He then we explaind him the sacrament and he blessed it. He did it with lots of emotion and spirit. It was a bit new for all the members but it went well.

The branch is strogiling a bit with some things. We had a meating with some of our priesthood brethren to talk about the problem that is hapening. This week we have a lot of work to do. I feal a bit sad but know that i have to give it all i have and i dont looke for the reward from the members.

As a lidder i have bin very respectful and a little hard to have better order and that all is done with the spirit. I know that the members have respect and that in front of me that they dont realy show the chalenge that is happening. Its about talking about other members or rumers as we say. Its a little sad. Its deviding our little branch. I looke forward this week working hard to over come this chaleng.

There is a lot of people that want to take care and help with this chalenge. We are wokring alot with familys mission president has pout a goal to help in NIcaragua by baptizing family and its proven and i have seen it that familys have a better chance to stay active. i love this work i love pushing forward. The lord has placed in me lots of confidence i pray and plead that i will keep that confidence and be always worthy of the Holy Ghost in my life. I never thaught i would grow so much on the mission or as i have grown. I am starting to feal that i have 40 years.

Talking about Years Happy Birthday Dad. I hope you know how much i love you and am gratefull for all that you have done in my life and the great example that you have always bin for me. Your testimony is an example to me that you hold strong to the things that you belive. I to want to hold strong to the things that i belive as my father showed me to do. Being here on my mission i have realized what an amazing father i have truly had. What a lider he was in the home,of ours. The prayers that we did as a family. The family home evngings full of fun. The trips that we have gone on. I am also greatful for all the time that i was corected. The time i had playing basketball building a half pipe and the many activitys that you helped me saported me. I am thankfull that you were strong inof to not let me do what i wanted to do. To show and know better that i should be doing. I love you dearly. I hope you can feal as you read this letter my love for you! Thank you for being my Father, My Example, My Teacher and My Friend. Thank for sharing with me your testimony, your time and your talents. I love you, respect you and know you as My Father. Elder Pearce