Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Easter and Progression

From: Elder Andrushka Pearce Dated: 04.22.09

Dear family,

It is joyful to hear from so many married brothers and sisters of mine. I loved the letter from Eric it has been a long time since i have read a letter from him. Congratulations on your new call. A little that i have learned about that call is that it’s the biggest call of doing and being in action. How wonderfully Eric and Tomi put their families and described about there kids. Thanks Dad for your report as always.

Well about the work here. All is well this was the last week of this change so we worked hard of finishing of well. We had the opportunity to help the sisters to baptize and confirm. This week i was really looking forward to resting and not being so involved. So we organized the sacrament very well. Vladimir was assigned to start the meeting. We chose all the people to give talks in advance gave them time to prepare. We did this week Easter in our ward. The first talk was about the birth of Jesus Christ. The second on the life of Jesus Christ 5 min. Third on the Atonement and Death of Jesus Christ and the last and the one i was most looking forward The Resurrection of The Lord Jesus Christ.

Well that was all planned out until we got up in the morning and started to do our early morning visits to see how everyone. Our third discursante as we got to her house started crying and was busy working. We asked her what was wrong and she told us that she has had a very busy week. That her work pushed really hard and that she was very tired and that her husband left and she had a lot to do so she will not be going to church and she was very stressed about the talk. So we took the talk away as it was a great honor for me to give the talk. Then we calmed and helped her about the house things and she got ready to go to church. After church she was joyful that she went because it helped her with more spirit to keep fighting.

I was thinking how wonderful opportunity we have to take care of this area and the fathers sons and daughters our brothers and sisters. Well as well this week we had a great opportunity as we went to adventista (Adventist?) church and we both got a strong testimony how thankful we are that our church has a prophet and twelve apostles. To guide this work the order we have. We went really well represented and the preacher was the owner of the house that we are leaving in. Gave us a great welcome and we sang songs shook hands with all it was a great occasion. I am looking forward to getting home and getting to know other churches. I have learned that they have some parts that they do well. As some have great devotion for what they do. The fulness and the Truth is what they don’t have. Well with many other things.

Also this week we had a great opportunity to represent Mateares in a stake actividad as we had our responsibility and we had great support from the priesthood. We did a very good job. The activity was great success we had 76 investigatores come and over all 205 people. Um this week we also ordained on of our converts that has 51 years a Aaronic priesthood. The work is growing great. After church we did a baptism for the sisters as they had a hard time entering water in there baptismal font. The member were there to help us and we finished at about 5. As we left in the streets was the best view. I will Call it Sacerdocia en Mateare. We were walking in the main street of mateares and as i looked we were spanned across the whole street all in white shirts about 6 or more of us. As we walked the people were looking at us like who are they and what are they doing. What a look as the greatest power of God we have as humans was shown in the streets of Mateare. I know that this is the church of Jesus Christ this is the work of Our kind and Dear Heavenly Father. I love him and thank him for the work that he has put in my hands for the comfort that i have had. I know he loves me. The hard times we go through is to help us to become better i know that he is molding me to be better to help more people.

I love you all keep up the letters.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Fwd: 4.20.09

The latest from Elder Courtright.

From: Matthew Courtright
Date: Mon, Apr 20, 2009 at 12:02 PM
Subject: 4.20.09

hey all. things are going great in arvada. this weekend (friday and saturday) were pretty much the most fun i have had while not being able to feel a single part of my body. on friday it snowed literally all day. we had the biggest snowflakes i have ever seen. so on saturday we spent all day removing that snow from people's driveways and sidewalks. it was alot of fun. it also rained the entire time we were removing the snow so that wasnt the best. i had a brain freeze almost all day. no bueno. i think we shoveled about 15 driveways at least. we were all worn out when we were done but it was really productive.

sunday, the culmenation of a week of work. we had 2 investigators at sacrament meeting and 11 less actives at sacrament. that was amazing! we were so excited to see so many of them who we have been working with alot finally show up at church.

well, things keep moving forward. we have great days and we have pretty crappy days. sometimes all it takes to me a day awesome is the last 5 minutes. in fact, it seems that way most days. i dunno if yall notice that in the "real world" but i know out here, thats what makes a day...the last 5 minutes.

hope yall are doing well. keep up the mail. i love it! and yall. i love yalll.


elder 'studley' courtright

Penny Freeman
Gratitude is the essence of joy.