Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tribute to Carissa

Tribute to Carissa Part 2

Work Hard, Then Work Harder

From: Elder Andrey Pearce Dated: January 12th 2008

Dear Family

Well the President has told us in confrence that we are only to write to
family not extended only to our family. Its a huge change on the mission but
we all are going to grow and recive blessings from obeying it.

What a week it went. We started with the confrance. The president was very
exited that the little unity of Mateares is showing up as a branch. I hope
it becomes a branch realy quickly. He made the coment and asked us how are
we reaching the outcome we are. I think the key is the members here in

You will see how tired this week they were and how we kept on
pushing. How the Lord loves us in our eforts to push forward. I have bin
also tried more to push foraward. We got back from confrence and let all
know that the President was very happy about the work. He asked us to get a
map Of mateare and the list of all the members that are gowing. We also
recived a notice that we are going to get more books and suplys to help the
work along.

We in turne invited President Fraatz to the meating this sunday
its going to be a great meating and the members are realy exited to get the
goal to reach 80 asistence. They are Inviting all to church and they dont
just invite they keep asking tell you tell them you are going to go. Then
that isent all they falow up and go to there house to invite them to go to
church and walk with them.

I also had the apertunity to go work in Nagarote
this week witch is 45 min away. It was great to get to know that area and
the missionarys. Also pass some time with the branch president of mateares
and nagarote he told me his life story and the great times he has had
serving the lord and the apertunity he has had getting to know some of the
general authoritys. What a great man he is. Presidente Antonio he is one of
the elderly branch presidents in NIcaragua.

Then coming home we had some activitys. ALso this week we had a baptizim
that a yung man that has dificultys in his life is trying to change his life and
coming Crist.

I love this work to see the Hand of The Lord work and bring to
pass his imortality. It moves with his servents as they go to work. Then sunday
we got up at 5 to get ready to go out to looke for our team that goes out inviting all to
church and animating. To our surprise Ronald that hasent bin partisipating
that much was there exactly at 6:00. We went out got our team full of spirit
and went to work this week went alot difrent as the people were tired.

As we got to there doors they said no. A sister we got to the door we knocked and
knocked and she didnt awsner we stayed there knocking for 30 min nothing.
Her family is one of the bigest family that are members. Then we went on
inviting our investigatores we got back and her door was open. We called she
answered and told us that she was not going to church we let here know that
the Lord would love nothing more then if she and her family went to church.
The lord touched her hart as she got the family ready. It realy tride me to
stand and to keep going back that they would go to church.

We had the asistence of 36 witch was kindof sad but that is not the last part. We only
had sacrament by the pleading of our branch president. Then we had
confrince. As we got done with church a thought came to my mind we can not
leave like this asistence this week. We got the group ready and gave a
little talk and send them out to envite all we can to go to confrince that
is 45 mintues away. We had a bus come from Nagarote. Well we went to work as
we with faith walked the streets inviting all we could sending them out to
the curch and keeping on walking.

As i got back to my surprise the whole outside was field with people how over whelmed my hart was. The branch Presindet came with 24 in the but as 66 from Mateares filled the bus to
travel the distence to see the stake president to counsel them. The spirit
was filled. Another great thing hapend is that we talked and helped the bus
driver and his friend to also enter the confrince you never know if in some
feature that they will have a desire to join the church Of our Savior Jesus

HOw i wish i was stronger to help this work go farther. I feal like
i am on the front row of the battle and that it is trying me. How i wish
that i was stronger that i was more capble to serve the Lord my God. How i
love this work. I know that he will bless me for my work. I hope to give all
i have in this last part of my mission that i have. I love the Savior and
know that He Lives.

Elder Pearce oh there is another mericle as a member that has some dificultise serving
because of his work resinde to go to confrince and to help the work along he
has 24 years and he just made the coment he would like to serve a mission i
cant belive all that is happening in this little area. We will do all we
can. Pray for us to reach the goal that we have set for this week.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Fwd: 1/11/09

Here's the latest from Elder Courtright.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Matthew Courtright
Date: Mon, Jan 12, 2009 at 12:34 PM
Subject: 1/11/09

Wow what a week! on monday we set a guy for july! a date is better than no date though. On wednesday i got to go on exchanges into my old area which was really fun. we saw some of the less actives and investigators that i had helped teach. We also went to see some of my favorite members. We committed one of the members to not have another stroke. (he had a stroke 2 days before but it wasnt bad) He laughed and agreed.

Then on friday we helped one of our investigators, Jim and Karen Vance, take down their 12 foot tree. and then had cobbler and a really good lesson with them. It was amazing berry cobbler. and Jim finally opened up a little. he is very masculine and doesnt like to admit when he is upset. but he said that when the missionaries come they only teach Karen, they gave Karen a BoM, they bring her DVDs, etc. Well, its probably true, Karen is definately the more spiritual one and looks forward to the lessons when jim only wants to joke around. But we gave him a Bible and he loved it. he told Karen that his was "better than hers." it was really funny to watch them debate that subject. Karen came to church on sunday which was awesome because elder walker and i were speaking. Elder walker is...monotonous, but outside of that he had a great talk. and then i gave my talk, and used an Obama quote in wyoming (best part), and talked about karen and jim and one other investigator, jessica kear, who was at church. I had karen crying in seconds. she only stayed for sacrament meeting cause she had to go see her mom in an retirement home but she told many of the members that she would be back next week. we are so pumped for her. coming to church i think was the last big hurdle for her!

Did i mention that i quoted Barack Obama, in Wyoming, in sacrament meeting, from the pulpit? not many people got the huevos mas grandes for that.

today is gonna be a good day. we are gonna eat dinner with a Col. in the military. He's important. I can name drop him :)

every morning elder walker and i go running for 2 reasons.
1) elder walker is fat
2) i cant breathe the air so i am working on trying to breathe
but today we couldnt because there was a good 4-6 inches of snow on the ground and i wasnt about to run through that. we might have to put running on the shelf because the snow doesnt melt. it hasnt snowed since december and there were still patches of snow. we had many 40 + days so it should have melted, but logic doesnt work in wyomin'. Why you ask? cause its wyomin'!

Well, be good all. Look forward to hearing from you.

--Elder Courtright

Penny Freeman
Gratitude is the essence of joy.