Friday, July 3, 2009

Extending Mission

From: Elder Andrey Pearce Dated: July 02, 2009

Dear family

I am sorry that i didn't have a chance to write to you. We were very busy so i didn't have the chance to write. As i read the letter today i found out that there are some very big decisions that had to be taken and i am sure that there were taken. I didn't really know the reasons. I stand firm with my decision that i have made to extend my mission. I am sorry for the plans that it is affecting and hope that you know i took the choices with a prayer in my heart. It was not an easy choice that i made.

I want to walk the road less traveled to bless the most that i can my family and all that the Lord sees fit for me to bless. It all stands to us the type of generation we will be. The time is coming ever so soon that it will be up to us. Will we see angels as the Book of Mormon times. Will we be as alma as ammon or moroni.

I know that with small steps and decisions we will be the generation to wake up the world. I am so thankful that the Lord helped me see that on my mission and strengthen my testimony. About studying it wont be an easy transaction i will have to see what i can do to correct my English and get back in tune to studying. I will have to look for other resources to see how i can start my studying.

Dad i am sorry i didn't write on Fathers Day i hope you know that i love you very much and hope to become the father that you have been for me. I look forward to following your example in scripture studying i have had great opportunity to teach about my father in the Little time that i have had. They are looking forward to meeting my father. They all think you were the Greatest Dad.

Well its almost time to get back to work the Lord is Reading (ready?) to push a Little bit more here we are getting ready to change houses we had a baptism last week a sister that is friends with some members. The work moves along pray for me that i will have strength to keep giving all i have. I have been a Little anxious knowing that the end is coming soon. I have had some dreams and know that some of the biggest decisions in my life is coming up. How fast the time goes by just 3 more months.

Elder Pearce

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fwd: 6.29.09

The latest from Elder Courtright.  Enjoy.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Matthew Courtright
Date: Mon, Jun 29, 2009 at 11:40 AM
Subject: 6.29.09

Hey all! I will go ahead and wish you all a Happy Independence Day! Woo! just know that i will be watching (not blowing up) fireworks with y'all and you will be in my thoughts...probably.

So whats new for me? well, we had a really cool experience this week that started out pretty crappy. It was kinda like Satan got ahold of all our investigators and the less actives we have been working with and just ate them. It was a pretty sucky weekend.  However, i kept reminding myself to be patient in adversity or as the scriptures so often put it "bear with patience your afflictions." It was hard but it paid off. here is how. So sunday morning we got a call about 11 from a family who we have been trying to work with, the Bruces. Sister Bruce is a member but Bro. Bruce is not. They invited us over @ 7 that evening but was pretty secretive about why. Kinda shady. Anyways, so during the Sacrament (or communion as so many call it) I thought and prayed about our situation and the troubles our investigators were going through. The answer i got so suddenly and so clearly was "dont worry, I got ya. Just wait till tonight at the Bruces." I knew that they were the answer to our prayers and hard work. When we went to the Bruces, we talked for about 10 minutes and then sis. Bruce nudged her husband as if he needed to say something. the next words out of his mouth were "How do i go about joining the church?" Thank you God for operation: Shock and Awe. It was amazing. We set up the baptism for the 18th of july and all the appts and interviews between now and then.

I know that God is watching out for us. He knows our situation, our troubles, our needs and he is there with an outstretched arm guiding us. It has been an unforgetable experience to learn the importance of patience. It was hard. (probably my weakest point) But the blessings of patience are amazing.

Well, i hope you are all safe this 4th of july weekend. Shoot some Roman Candles at each other for me please. the more burns the better.

Love yall

Elder Courtright

p.s. Sister Bruce has the sexiest southern accent i have heard on my mission yet. i love it.

Penny Freeman
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