Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Amelia's Baptism

Elder Andrushka ~ sent December 31, 2007

Dear Family

It was wonderful to talk to you all. It sounds like life is just passing by great.

Dad I have chosen not to listen to the elders. I have learned in my life that with sacrifices comes blessings. With more sacrifices we make in our life that are correct and for the building up of the kingdom of our Lord and Savior. We receive blessings and happiness. I know it’s true the more I try and be obedient in my life the more I am blessed.

This week has been great we baptized Amelia. We have been talking to her mom for a while to gain permission. After we gained permission she lost her desire. So we rebuilt the desire and had to again help the mom understand how a baptism would bless her daughter’s life for time and all eternity.

With every week I seem to grow and stretch not as much as I would like to learn. Patience is one thing that I have learned out here. I have been working on recognizing the spirit and working to improve to act on the prompting as i receive.

I love you all! Elder Pearce

Eye Opening Experience

Elder Andrushka sent December 24, 2007

I will be calling so I just wrote an eye opening experience. Happy Christmas I will be calling I am so grateful for all of you.

I had and eye opening moment. I realized this life is a fight but many people don’t know that. They move through life like there is no purpose. Yes many have faith in Jesus Christ but not understanding (that) with this faith they need to grab the sword and stand ready to fight (against) the world of evil. Every day I walk outside. I see the devil fighting with his might but the people not knowing that he is fighting. Not understanding there is the biggest war of their lives going on.

Then there are the valiant ones. The missionaries (and others) on the front battle field. The weak and the simple with our giant swords of faith, standing on the front battle field. Each day we wake up, gain more experience and go out to fight the evil. As we share the gospel, some join the ranks to fight the evil. Some just don’t understand. They are so blinded to all that is going on.

In these last days the evil is at its worst. If you’re not moving you are just swept away. The best part of it is the Savior, our brother leading this fight with his example. Completing the greatest part of this fight, the death and sin.

I love this gospel I am truly thankful for my Savior Jesus Christ. I truly don’t understand all that he fulfilled, all that he has sacrificed, all that he prepared in pre- mortal life. I can’t comprehend this. But I have faith in him. I know that because of him I will return to my Father in Heaven. With all the experience in life, I thank him for being with me every step of the way. I am honored to be a soldier in his army.

Elder Pearce