Wednesday, August 13, 2008

3 is the Magic Number

From Elder Paul Freeman, dated August 13, 2008

Dear Mom,

It has been and excellent week for us. Saturday three people were baptised into the Church. We struggled to organize two separate baptismal services, but everything turned out fine in the end. The key to having a good baptism service is preparation and good ward members. We organized the program last Wednesday with the ward mission leader and made all the phone calls and coordinated everyone for the baptisms. It was truly a miracle to have everything fall into place the way it did. Then, at the services you could tell how supportive the ward members are. They really did own those baptisms as a ward. President and Sister Sanchez came to the first baptism and that was good.

The only the we really should have done better is filling out those stupid forms. We should have just taken care of it all at one time, but I kept forgetting to bring them. First, I left them home for the baptism, and then left them again for the confirmation. But, now we've got them mostly finished and we should send them in today.

We're also working with many other people who are learning about the restored gospel and it's exciting to see those who exercise their faith and strengthen it through study of the lessons. Elder Lestarge is doing very well. He will probably end up assistant to the president.

Anyway, the Library is terribly distracting today and I'm struggling to get anything else out. Thanks again for your love and letters.


Elder Freeman.