Monday, January 19, 2009

Miracles in Mateares

From Elder Andrushka Pearce Dated: January 19th 2009

Dear Family

The work just moves along as the members of mateares set History this week. I wish i could explain the spirit that runs through my body as it testifys to me that this is his work and how blessed i am to be here to witnes this little town write their history of the church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints. Well this week started out as last week we envited President Fraatz to the meating. We wernt to sure if he was coming the members got the word out that he might be coming and set it in there minds that yes he was coming.

Wendsday we had the zone leader call him. He came back telling us that he wont be able to come because he has a meating with the 70ty. As i got back thinking to my self we cant let it just go like that. He has taught all out mission if you want to do something find a ways to do it and dont take no for an awnser. I ask the permision from the leaders and gave him a call. As he awnserd he told me he wouldent be able that he will send his first counsler. Thinking before i asked him what time the meating would be done he told me 3 i asked if we could have the sacrament meating at 5 and he told me yes.

We jumped the first part getting president come to our meating its 50 minutes or so from the city. Then we went to work cleaning and dacorating the place and pouting pictures up it looked very good organized and evrything the house. Then we got all the members informed and let them know that they could write the history of the church. The week went by realy fast as we were getting ready for the president and inviting all we could to the meating pouting plans together how are we going to reach our goal of 80 poeple at church.

We also had a baptizim this week that was a 22 year old reporter of mateares that has gone to church 19 times but never has goten baptized we found him and started talking. He told us the reason he hasent got baptized is that its always saturday and he is realy hard to find this day. I let him know that what ever day he wanted we could baptized. we invited him to be baptized tomarow and he accepted. We got the members ready in the morning sunday they were all exited that he was finaly getting baptized. We got up in the morning and he wasent there. He had a call and raised of to work. So then we started to looke for him. We got to a members house and there boy told us that there was an acident in the road so we raised of knowing he would be there to film it. We got there and wasent there so we left the members in charge to find him and give us a call. As we had to move with all energy if we wanted to reach our goal this week.

We went and found some of the members that we have never taught or new they were members of the church. They told us they would be reay to go to church at 5. The classes started at three and pres comes at 5 also the houre of the sacrament meating. They found him called us we got there raise of to the church of the zone leaders and baptized him. How i love this work and love over coming what comes in the way. The members are amazing here how i love them and hope i wont be changed from this area. Coming back we called evryone for a meating explaining and we gave a talk how this day is very importent for mateares and how it will change the lives of there kids and make all the difrence how they work together 27 of the members went to work inviting there family friends and all they could. They went of from that meating realy exited to go find all and reach the goal that we may have a chapel here in mateares.

We started the church i gave a class on 10 comandements we had about 70 before 4:00 then we went out to invite more investigatores my comp stayed as we did devisions with the priests i went out to make sure that all are coming. As i was gone president and his wife came and all there children. Also our branch president came from nagarote. As i was walking in the streats the poeple were walking for the church. What a site it was to se so many poeple in the church as i got back it was filled poeple were seated on the stairs and in evry part there were poeple in the back revrently waiting for the president and his wife to speak. 113 or more poeple came some didnt make it all the way trough for there kids were sick or screaming. The meating was full. It truly was history in mateares as 113 poeple came to church in a small town of mateares.

President loved it and made some great coments thanked us for our work and told us we need to find a map as soon as posible and that we will be making this unity a branch as soon as posible. It truly was the greatest experiance to work with the members as the meating got done all the members went and president stayed back a little talking with us. Lovly family they are i had a great time sitting on the stand with president it was a great honer for me. the work here moves along they have also just made plans to make here a district with other parts close by.

I am so glad to be here working and that i am growing. It trys my faith to work and be so tired but i love the lord and give all i have to him. How i am thankfull for all that the lord has given me in my life. I love this work. I love you all and hope that all is well.

Happy birthday tomi 30. It has bin 30 years filled with great example for all of us. Love you and hope and pray that your family will keep as great as they are doing. I love you all and let me know whats going on. i cant belive that i will be compliting 17 months on my mission it has gone by so fast and i am thankfull for the next 8 months that i have to give it all i have.