Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Three Marriages

From: Elder Andrushka Pearce Dated: February 9, 2009

Dear family

this week we had alot to work with. This week started realy slow and our investigetores wernt progressing. So my companion and i got to gether thirsday and recived the awnser that we need to merry them all that we can. So we went around and invited them all to get merried this week in three days.

We went to work inviting them all and getting ready for there wedding. As we went to choose the cake we walked in and sat down the laddy gave me the booke to choose the cake and was looking at me like i was getting merried i started to fealy realy nervouse because i was scared i was thinking to my self ooow its coming realy fast in my life.

We worked realy hard to get the weding ready. We decorated the house and called the lawyer to get evrything ready we ran around and didnt have very much time to dedicate to other things we needed to. The wedding went realy well as the lawyer came with her husband they are from my old ward that i was at and she gave a realy good counsel and merried them all my companion tooke some great pictures as soon as i can transfer them to my camera i will send them.

Vladimir got merried and now he wants to be baptized. The daughter came to us the other day or before the wedding and said dad whean you are merried then we can be baptized. The other day we gave him manuel to study the melckesedek priesthood. He is progresing alot and fast. He is from Nicaragua but studyd in russia and i am not sure why his name is like that.

We did the cake sharing each couple gave a pice to his or her companion over all they all loved it and it was a great activity for the members to see that it is important and is posible to get merried and not be afraid of it. I am so thank full with my Heavenly Father that he gave us the chance to do such a great work. It was a lot of stress to merry 4 couples and prepare evrything.

The next day we got up at 5 in the morning with the work of inviting all the members. we had a hard time to find some one to get up and go with us. THen at chuch we didnt have the pristhood we need and we ended up blesing and giving talks and running the meating. I am a little bit tired i am also a little sick. I am happy to have a little brake today and thankful to sacrifice and give all that i have to this great work.

That is my testimony that he lives the harder i work the more i know how real it is how blessed i am. I was thinking the other day i would never have done or know the things if i wasent her on my mission. What a blessing it is to me to be here on my mission to be learning and walking with angels. The mericles just keep coming and dont stop. The harder one works the more he belives the more He blesses us.

I am thankful to be a son of god and represent the Savior Jesus Christ. I always herd storys like this but i never thought it would become my life to serve in an area like this and have such great experiances.

well all seems well at home i am very happy for dan and carrie. From his letter he is in love and its the right thing to do. How i love my family. Hope all is well all are happy thanks mom and dad for writing to me. Elder PEarce

Forming a New Branch

From: Andrushka Pearce Dated: February 2, 2009

Dear family

Well as always there is so much that is going on. I am so glad that Dan is getting merried and let him know that its ok i will get to see some pictures. I hope that all is well with Eric and Lean and hope that they will take the best desition that they can may the lord guide them in what they will do.

Great news i wasent changed and the best part is that i am given the apertunity to know how to change and form a branch. President kindly and dearly after changes asked me to go with him. It was a great acesion to get to know his wife. They stoped by mckdonalds. I have not eaten there for a realy long time and it reminded me of mom and many times that she kindly invited me to eat with her. Also to see a family how much love they have one for another.

Then we got to gether and i was given papers to start fealing out. I got a new companion and he is from peru Elder Maldonado he has 20 months on his mission. Well all is well we worked realy hard this week. We were blessed to help three people enter the waters this week and the spirit was strong we are hoping that the familys that we have bin teaching will resolve there chalenges.

I remember that in the mtc my teacher told me that we will be docters, psycholigest, Counslers and its true we get to do a little of evrything. As we had a chance to give some merrieg counsel to a family and we have three family that are waiting to be baptized and we need to help them get merried.

There is a man thats called Vladimir that has bin to russia and is realy smart he cant yet get baptized because he is not merried and we are helping him out. he has bin teaching all his friends each time we teach him something he goes out to teach his friends what we teach. By this they have chosen to take the step to listen to us and actualy have made apointments with us.

The work is moving along very well. I am very thankful to be part of this work. How i love this work. I feal like i have 70 years old but i am thankful to bless the people here. I love leaving so clean that the lord blesses me with revalation to bless other poeple. this is the work of god i am a little tired i will write a little more next week. Elder Pearce

Monday, February 9, 2009

Fwd: 2.9.09

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From: Matthew Courtright
Date: Mon, Feb 9, 2009 at 2:38 PM
Subject: 2.9.09

Well, in mission news this week, there was in E.T. in my district. That's emergency transfer for those not well versed in the lingo. One of the Elders in my district got sent home because he has been vomitting and has had diarrehea for the last 3 weeks. So his companion is now with us. That makes 3 of us. Elder Walker, Elder Paull, and myslef. The first 2 days were hard making the ajustment. But everything is smooth now.

We had a baptism on saturday for Jessica Kear. It was awesome. While she was getting changed, Elder Paull and I taught an amazing lesson. It was the Restoration, but it was probably the best i have ever heard myself do. The Bishop of the ward (who is not my friend) decided he thought he could tell us, the missionaries, what to do for a convert baptism. I wasnt having none of those games. You might think to yourself, "oh crap, he ran his mouth." I didnt. I did tell him nicely though that baptisms were our show and that it was all our decisions. He wanted to make petty things a big deal. Hommie dont play that yo.

On sunday, i was able to confirm Jessica a member of the church. that was an awesome experience for me. Definately intimidating cause there were like 10 people in the circle, one of those was the stake pres. Not what i wanted for my first time.

Things have been going really well for us. Since there are 3 of us, we are covering 2 wards which is double the work load. we are constantly busy. Hope everything is going well. Someone tell Chris i say hi, and he better hit me up with an email and pictures, and remember my birthday is on the 2nd of March! Thats the big 2-0!

Be good

Elder Courtright

Penny Freeman
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