Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Re: 5.26.09

On Tue, May 26, 2009 at 3:01 PM, Matthew Courtright wrote:
hey all.
well things are going well in westminster. crazy, but things are well. we had dinner with the racist lady (who's daughter is on a mission in houston) on thursday of last wek and i said something about houston and she tried to argue with me. how is someone who has never been to houston trying to argue with someone who lived there for almost 20 years? re-freakin-tarded. However, thats why we have companions. he jumped in real quick and changed the subject. needless to say they are the least awesome family.

we did alot of cool stuff this week. we went to the temple on wednesday which was alot of fun. there were about 20 other missionaries there as well so it was a big reunion. we went to eat at applebee's across the street and 2 of the denver south mission missionaries were there. that was fun for us.

we had transfers yesterday, memorial day, and i didnt get transfered. its about freaking time. i have packed my bags every transfer so far so i am hoping that it does happen between now and then.

we have had alot of success with some of the less active families in the ward. the culmination of which was 15 less actives at church on sunday. some of them we have been trying to get there for a long time so we were definately thankful for the divine help we received.

oh, by the way, 15 is an amazing amount.

well, thats all for me. tell me whats up with yall and your plans for the summer. i  need to live vicariously through your beach activities and what not. take pictures for me :)

Penny Freeman
Gratitude is the essence of joy.