Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Change, Change, Change

From Elder Paul Freeman, dated July 23, 2008

Dear Mom,

How many curve balls can they throw at me in one week? First, I got a phone call on Thursday from the assistants telling me I had a package waiting for me in the mission office. Lies. It was their cute way of telling me I was being assigned to train a new missionary coming in from the MTC. So, we both knew that meant one of us getting transferred.

Then, we get the phone call on Saturday and our District leader tells us that we are both being transferred. That means we get whitewashed out and wherever I'm going with my new companion, we get whitewashed in. Several minutes go by and the phone rings again with the assistants on the other end. They tell me I'm also going to be District leader.

It all left me somewhat dazed. I didn't really know what to think or expect, I just wasn't excited about whitewashing into a new area. I had just barely been in that last area 6 weeks and they just ended up turning everything upside down on me.

Yesterday was transfer meeting, Elder Goodwin and I spent the morning packing and preparing the apartment for the new elders coming in. I was expected to be at the building where transfers were held and 2:30 for a trainers meeting, and the actual transfer meeting started at 3:00, maybe. I met my new companion before it started and got to know him a little bit. His name is Elder Lestarge from Chicago Illinois. He looks like a good missionary, soft spoken and obedient.

We ended up being transferred here to Victorville in the Green Tree Ward. I had a little experience in this area when we were working with the Samoans up here, but none of them live in this ward's boundary. Most of them are in the ward just south, so they're pretty much right across the street of where our ward ends.

Last night we got into our apartment around 5:30, the family scheduled to feed us dropped off money so we went out to Carl's Jr. It was fun. We don't have a car. We ride our bikes. I'm very out of shape.

So, after that we went and visited a couple names the other missionaries left behind and finished off the night with a trip to the ward mission leader to introduce ourselves. We talked to at least five people who saw us and thought they had talked to us before. We told them we had just got here but all missionaries look the same. I was pretty sore though by the end of the evening. It's a good time to get in shape though. It'll be the hottest part of the season pretty soon. It doesn't help that I've already run out of money on my mission card.

Nevertheless, we've got a lot to look forward to. Last night we met a guy named Ryan Freeman, of Irish decent, no relation though. He looked like he could use our help and he invited us back. We weren't sure how sober he was but we hope to go back before next week. Then, last night we called an investigator they'd been working with and got an appointment for tonight.

So, we're being taken care of and it's not quite as hard as I feared, yet. We've got good roommates and a real nice apartment. I'll keep you updated. Thanks for the letters and picture, prayers and love.


Elder Freeman