Monday, January 26, 2009

Christmas Greetings from Nicaragua

Misioneros de Managua Nicaragua!

Nicaragua Managua Mission Blog

Someone in Andy's mission has made a fun video of the missionaries and has started a mission blog. I think Andy is right at the end of the video and is performing a baptism.

This is the video from the blog.

Working Hard Brings Growth

From: Andrushka Pearce Dated: January 26th, 2009

Well the week went a little bit sader as it was well forsean to see it go up so high and satin fight to bring the work down. The work still movies along very well here. We have so many investigatores and many chalenges to over come with them. THis week the asistence droped to about 50. Wich is still very well for what it was before. We are very exited to push forward. I realy hope that i dont have changes. The other day we let our investigatores know that its posible that some one could have changes wich motivates them realy well to push with greater zeal for there baptisim. All the investigatores said they want to get baptized but only if we dont have changes. I have a realy good companion he works hard and loves the lord. I have felt realy happy in this area and hope that i can be here as long as i can. The apertunity that i have to grow is very big. As well as the presure is a little bigger. I have found out that the harder one works the more he seas his faults and the more clearly one can see his faults and errors he has a bigger chance to fix them the way the Lord wants. I have come to realize the great potential i have in life but that i have to work realy hard to over come the atumbling blocks in my life. How i love the work of the lord. I also had this week an apertunity to translate and make a call to the United States for a man and they thought i was from Nicaragua and told me my english is very well. I am glad that my English is still very well. We are also teaching English classes twise a week. We have had great experiance with finding some investigatores that have a great potential in blessing this work. This sunday went realy well. My companion gave a talk about the life Of Jesus Christ and i gave a talk about the resteration then we had a very wonderful doctrin class were i had the apertunity to teach about the articles of faith and how to defend the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saint. The class went realy well as they asked questions about the baptisims for the dead and many other wonderful doctrines. Like the patriarcle blessing. At the end of class there were many that wanted there patriarcle blessing and to go to the temple. How i love to see the light of Christ shine in the eyes of members as they come to discover the Church and many blessings that they bring. How i love to make a little change in there lifes and to help guid them in the small way that i can. I have come to realize through my many experiance and fealing the spirit that this is the True Chruch of our Savior Jesus Christ and his Heavenly Father. He loves and cares for us.
I Love you all i will let you know what will hapen at the end of this week. I realy hope that i dont have changes i hope that i can be here 6 months. Loves Elder Pearce

Fwd: 1-26-09

Here's the latest from Elder Courtright who has some strange ideas about snow and flip-flops.  Silly, silly boy.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Matthew Courtright
Date: Mon, Jan 26, 2009 at 1:00 PM
Subject: 1-26-09

Well, this has been a crazy week as far as weather. Sunday thru thursday was anywhere between 35-65 so i wore short sleves. it felt good. But then on friday a storm kicked in and it hasnt been above 10 since then. We have gotten atleast a good ft of snow in the past 2 days and that makes everything less fun. Infact, this morning i went to the car to get some clothes out of it and i was too lazy to put on shoes. so i threw on my flip-flops and walked out into 8 inches of snow...yum. my feet were so numb by the time i got back inside. I was in it for maybe 45 seconds but i wanted to die.

So for events of the week. Hmm. well, as for last week we had an amazing week. Lots of less actives at church. 3 investigators at church and i didnt get to tell you about it at all cause it was MLK day. Lame. who is he? Not anyone important to Cheyenne. But this week wasnt as great. Infact, this was definately the worst week in the area since we got here. But, we have a pretty amazing baptism scheduled for the 7th of Febuary. I am pretty stoked for it. Her name is Jessica Kear and she is super solid.

We also have another guy (both of these people, Jessica and Mark, are on the military base) Mark who has a baptismal date in the super future. last monday we had a family home evening with him at the Elders Quorum presidents house and this monday we have another FHE with him at another super cool members house. we are super stoked for that too!

Then to top it all off, there is a guy on base, Garrett Bollington, who we havent met yet but is great friends with a member who has read the BoM, prayed about it, read tons of P My G, several conference talks from last conference, and knows the church is true. He would baptize himself if he could. However his wife grew up in a very anti-LDS home. Like she hates the church but its all based on hearsay and things like that. She doesnt actually know anything. Hopefully we will meet Garrett soon.

Well, all is well. Hope it is the same for yall. Keep me updated on Chris! i am excited to hear from him ;)

Also, its cold, tell it to stop that.

--Elder Courtright

Penny Freeman
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