Thursday, March 20, 2008

Families taking steps towards baptism

From Elder Andrushka Dated 03/18/03

Dear Mom, Dad and the Family,

What a week it has been with ups and downs. All the experiences have been stressful. Well, this week to sum up some things because I don’t have much time and it’s late, I have had changes and a new companion who’s name is Elder Grayson. He is from Louisiana. I will write about him some more in my next letter as I find out more.

We married the Lopez family who are Pedro and Gema. People here don’t really have parties for weddings but they did. As missionaries we could not be there. We found out that the plans changed and the families that were getting married decided to do it at the same time. So, the whole morning we were running back and forth making sure all was well..

The Lopez family was all well. I am more than happy that they made the decision to not drink or provide alcohol at their wedding so they are progressing well. We are hoping that they will get baptized this week.

The other family is one family that I have come to love a lot. The Martinez family started out with their plumbing breaking in the morning. We went over and dug a hole and started to work on it, then ran back to the other family. We got back and the lawyer who was going to marry them needed more papers so we sent him in a taxi to go work on the papers. We pushed the wedding back to 7 p.m. when it was supposed to be at 4 p.m. So we went out to contact and work.

We got back at 7 and the lawyer (?) judge (?) Justice of the Peace (?) was not there. So we went to his house and he was waiting for the light to come back to iron his shirt. Then we made it to the house where the wedding was being held. We started with a prayer and he had a little advice and they signed the papers. It came to be my time to give a little speech. I had been praying all day to have the Spirit fill my mind with what to say. As I stood up I had them face each other while I had a Book Of Mormon in my hands.

I told them to look in each others eyes and remember the first time they said hi. The first time they went on a date, the many memories that had together. I told them that they needed to remember this moment all their lives. Then I had the husband read a scripture about charity from the Book of Mormon. They promised to have charity in their lives.

I could never imagine in my life of having the chance to share a moment like that As I stood in front of them I realized I could add to people’s lives and their experience or I could let the time just pass me by. I know with out a doubt that the Spirit filled my heart and my thoughts with what to say and what to do.

I am doing great! Thanks for all your prayers. I hope that you all can understand my English.

Elder Pearce.