Monday, October 4, 2010

Trust in the Lord

Date: Mon, 4 Oct 2010 11:55:02 +0300
Subject: Trust in the Lord

Well I'll first answer your question about conference.  I've only seen one session but it was awesome.  Because of the time delay our branch will be watching conference this next weekend instead of live.  We were however able to watch the Sunday Morning Session live at the E---- apartment last night and it was incredible.  We went there with Ch--- (who just got baptized), Sa-- (Ch---'s friend who will be getting baptized on Saturday) and Se--- (who was only there for the end and will eventually also be getting baptized, it is just a matter of when).  So it was just awesome!  The spirit was so strong and we all had such a great time and I learned so much.  I absolutely loved President Eyring's talk on trusting in the Lord and I hope to use it is the map of the rest of my life, everything comes down to trusting in the Lord and it was something I really needed to hear this week.  I can't wait to watch the rest of conference this coming week, I love conference so much.  And also I have to say since we were in London the quality of the Internet broadcast has dramatically increased.  We had to run home (to be home by 930) so we weren't able to watch the thing on Kyiv.  But yep I know Elder Sorenson (I served with him for a week during the open house) very well and you know his aunt (Cindy Morris) very well to mom.
One thought I had this week was about how much I love being a missionary.  It is so great!  It really is just the best thing ever.  I don't have any of the worries that other people might have.  For example I don't have to decided what movie to go see because I don't watch movies or I don't have to decide on who to take on a date to the movies because I don't date.  All I have to decide is what would be the best use of my time to try and help someone come closer to Christ.  And the even better thing about being a missionary is how I feel.  I'm living my life right now so that I have to be in tune with the spirit. I can't do anything to detract from that and it is an amazing feeling and I'm trying to think now what I can do to allow what I'm learning now to effect me through the rest of my life, a pretty big challenge but that is why I have a good while to figure it all out.
Alright to some things from the week.  We have been working a ton with S-- lately making all the preparations for his Baptism.  I am so excited to see someone else be baptized.  It will also be really good for C---- to have a friend in the gospel with him.  It's been pretty fun to teach in English too. So Sa--- is doing well and I can't wait to report about his baptism.  C---- continues to be awesome and yesterday I had the privilege to confirm the Aaronic Priesthood on him and ordain him a priest which was once again such a special experience for me.  It is just amazing to be guided by the spirit and I learn more and more from the spirit everyday.  Thanks dad for being such a great example on always being sensitive to the spirit and seeking its promptings.  I'm so glad you know what is important and I love your constant reminders to me to seek the spirit and live worthy of it.  We also have continued working with Se--- who is just an amazing man.  There are a few hurdles to overcome on his path to baptism but I know he will get there.  He has a wonderful desire and wants to be ready.  Keeep him in your prayers and I know the Lord will be able to help him through challenges and oposition he is facing. 
We also have been doing some good member work, and we strengthen then and they strenghten us.  I think we are gettting them to reallize their role in this work and that they can actually play a vital part through their simple efforts.  This branch is so great and I love them all so much.  This saturday I should find out if I'll be staying another transfer or not, I hope that I'll be staying because I'm just not ready to leave Vinnytsya. 
Well not too much more to say but thank you.  As we learned so well from the prophet yesterday we need to always make sure we express our gratitude.  So thank you so much my wonderful family and friends.  You all have made such a great impact in my life!  It is so wonderful to know that there are so many people who love and support me back home, it really helps a missionary to go when the times are tough.  So thanks for your love, kindness, prayers, thoughts and friendship.  I love you all and wish you a most happy of weeks!
Elder Alexander Larsen