Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Foxes Have Holes

From Elder Paul Freeman, dated September 3, 2008

Dear Mom,

There has been a most unexpected development in my mission carrier. Not only have I been transferred out of my last area, leaving my companion behind, but I've been assigned to be a Traveling Elder. My companion, Elder Futch, and I are responsible for going to certain areas in the mission and strictly find new investigators to be taught by the missionaries in that area. We're starting off here in Rancho Cucamonga with two elders who just whitewashed into two wards.

To make things even more interesting, my companion and I will be relied on for our language skills. Elder Futch is a Spanish-speaking missionary. President Sanchez mentioned sending us to English, Spanish, and Samoan units. We'll be doing this for the entire transfer and will be my last assignment. It came as a complete surprise. I was expecting to go back to the Samoan ward for this last transfer, but it turns out the sister missionary from Samoa is training a new sister missionary and they put them in the Samoan ward.

I don't know how that is going to work if we are to help them find new investigators, especially since we don't have a car. But, the idea of at least visiting for one last time is exciting enough for me. I'm a bit reluctant though on account of how much out of practice my Samoan is. Hopefully Elder Futch and I will get some study time.

It's also something that will keep me busy and focused. I don't expect it will feel any shorter but at least I have strong motivation to work hard until the end. Also, finding new people to teach is not one of my strengths. Hopefully I'll be able to grow. I look forward to working on a bit of Spanish too, but not at the expense of my Samoan. It'll be a lot of fun too, going around to all different areas in the mission.

Oh, I did get your box. They did deliver it to the mission office by the 26th, but it took another day for them to forward it to our apartment. I actually got it Wednesday after we did our shopping. Thank you so much, it really was a party in a box. I regret not making the cake though. We didn't have any vegetable oil and it was the end of the month. The CD is fantastic and we listen to it all the time. Thanks a bunch.

Thanks also for the emails and the prayers.


Elder Freeman